Renew You with Quinn Kelly


Heart Felt Thank You

Such a God Sent Episode on the process of grieving for our loss in life. I am in the process of transitioning from one season to a new season of life. Although I know God has a plan and hope for me, I felt so sad that I cannot seem to pass the sadness I feel. Listening to this episode just gave me the validation and clarity on my feelings, putting it into words, giving me courage to allow myself moving through it without guilt and shame. Finally when I am ready, Gods promise, my NEW season will be revealed one day at a time. I appreciate your guidance in validating my feelings, clarity on moving through the process and reminding me Gods hope and his new plan for my future. Thank you!


I cannot thank you enough for what you are pouring out into this podcast. Somehow I can't consume the episodes fast enough, yet want to listen to them over and over again. Thank you for backing up what you say with scripture! I'm a long time listener of podcasts, but this is my first ever podcast review. I want you to be encouraged in what you're doing, and to know the effect it has on the lives of others. I hope this will reach many many many more people!

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