Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology


Hermeneutics with Dr. Howard

Amazing! I'm a seminary grad and the depth and beauty of this episode is astounding. Thank you for fanning the love flame for God's Word.

Poignant, deep, and moving.

I think my emotions go everywhere in these episodes. The biblical word of God gains skin as Lisa gives human understanding to the words of scripture. I've learned so much more about the great love our Savior has for us in His intentionality to demonstrate presence and sacrifice to the least of these.I love the personal stories (especially of sweet Missy) as well. Allison is an amazing wing-woman who asks beautifully thoughtful questions. And Dr Howard is the epitome of gentleness with incredible intellect. I never walk away without being moved, and having learned something new. I am forever challenged to dig deeper, love greater, and care less about the societal elite. Hallelujah that we serve a God who cares for all people!

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