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How God Uses Struggle To Define Worth - Pastor Darren Tyler

11/22/2021 00:48:27
How God Uses Struggle To Define Worth - Pastor Darren Tyler
As single parents, we have all encountered struggle. Some have had a spouse leave, some have experienced the unexpected death of our spouse, and some of us have been so surprised to be faced with the enormous weight of being pregnant and having a child with no partner. In every case that brings us to this 'Solo Parent Table', where we all can say we have struggled - alone. 

Sometimes that struggle seems to define us in ways that are not healthy. 'I am not enough' and 'I am just damaged goods' are messages that reverberate in our heads. As a result, many of us feel lost and lose hope, even though we have faith in the God who redeems all things. The beautiful thing is that in the midst of some of the most challenging struggles, God not only redeems, but He refines us and can actually define our sense of worth, BECAUSE of the struggle.

Darren Tyler is someone who, day to day, encounters people in serious struggle. He is a 20 year veteran in the music and entertainment industry who walked away from that career to become a Pastor. While he was working with some of Christian music's most prominent artists in 2010, he laid that aside to give his full attention to Conduit Mission, a non-profit dedicated to releasing people from extreme poverty and slavery. He is also lead pastor to an incredible, fast-growing church in the Nashville area called Conduit Church. 

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