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The Song Revolution Podcast exists to empower you through valuable songwriting insights, inspiration, and interviews with some of the greatest songwriters, producers, arrangers, artists, and creatives in the industry and beyond. Find out more at nashvillechristiansongwriters.com

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How to Find Song Ideas Even in Times of Crisis and Quarantine

Our world has been ravaged and turned upside down by Covid-19, but you're still called to write great Christian songs, right? In this special edition of the Song Revolution with John Chisum, John and co-host, Tina Keil, explore specific ways you can utilize the upset routines more creatively and capture even more song ideas than ever before. John & Tina discuss three ways you can go deeper in your songwriting by utilizing your time effectively, prioritizing life, and tapping greater creativity despite the crisis at hand. You'll find encouragement and inspiration in this edition of the show along with love and heartfelt prayers from all of us here at Song Revolution with John Chisum.  For more information about this show and it's archived episodes featuring some of the most influential music industry artists, executives, and songwriters, visit us at https://nashvillechristiansongwriters.com/song-revolution-podcast/.    

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Phil Joel, bassist and vocalist with the iconic Christian band Newsboys for over a dozen years, solo artist, author, and frontman for the band Zealand has sworn off social media. 

No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Qzone, Weibo, Reddit, Flickr, Tumblr, Meetup or Odnoklassniki, which, by the way has 71 million active monthly users.

Joel can't be found on any of them. Zip. Nada. None

How can anyone who hopes to connect with listeners and fans as a musician possibly ignore all social media, and further, WHY would they choose to not participate in the billions of daily Tweets, memes, and posts that fuel the social frenzy of our collective cultural experience?

Well, the answers may surprise you, or, you may find yourself questioning your own obsession with likes and shares once you hear them from the totally Christ-centered and family oriented Phil Joel, a classy guy from Down Under New Zealand who says he's definitely not "anti-social media," but who has made a solid choice to trust God to be his best press agent and promoter.

Phil Joel's had the same blond dreads since he was 17 and he's not lost his youthful zeal for the Lord despite millions of miles and millions of fans. 

We talk about so many great things on this episode - - we have some laughs and go deep, as well, into his new book and Zealand's new album Liberated. I know you're going to really love this chat with my new friend from Down Under, Phil Joel.

In this episode, host John Chisum sits down with Darlene Zschech, iconic Australian songwriter of "Shout to the Lord," a song introduced in 1993 that is still sung weekly by millions of people worldwide. 

In this powerful interview, Darlene shares how "Shout to the Lord" came to her during a time of trial and why she feels she can take no credit for the song, how it passed through her, and personal stories of how God has used it in her life. 

Darlene is a dedicated wife, mum, author, songwriter, and together with her husband Mark, pastor to thousands of believers through Hope Unlimited Church, now in 11 cities internationally, with a church planting and relief organization called Hope: Global (https://hopeglobal.org/) serving thousands of people in the neediest areas of the world.

0:00 The impact of Shout to The Lord

3:01 John asks Darlene: So all these years later, what would you say to the shy young Darlene, maybe really about ministry and leadership... What would you say to her?

6:00 "I want to be invisible here while I, you know, just give glory to God. And if he allows me the privilege of having any influence, that is a great privilege. But actually my goal is that He be seen and He'd be known and His presence being counted"

10:00 Recording Way Maker

15:05 Early days of Hope Unlimited Church and how God has grown the ministry to have a lasting global impact

23:30 "If someone had told me pastoring, a church could be this much fun. I would have done it long time before."

28:42 John asks, "you've described your life as just a series of yeses. What are you saying yes to right now? And what might you be saying no to?"

"My entire theology is a Man, it's Jesus," says Mike Weaver, frontman of Christian music's powerhouse band Big Daddy Weave. "I'm telling you, He is with you and He's with you in the most real way." With robust faith and authenticity, Weaver shares through this warm and often funny episode about being a big guy from South Alabama who stumbled into a Christian rock band career now spanning nine albums and multiple tours. Despite a few years of loss and sorrow, their new album "When the Light Comes," produced by band member and songwriter Jeremy Redman, is an album filled with joy and life despite tragedy and even death. Highlights from this episode: * Mike's prophetic calling to write music  * Why isn't it Big Daddy "WeaveR"  * Finding hope in the midst of tragedy and sorrow  * Operation Restored Warrior and Mike's brother Jay's struggle with loss and suicide   * How do you find creativity to write in the midst of struggles?  * Mike's words for the person dreaming of being a songwriter  * The career Mike will pursue if Big Daddy Weave ever falls apart  Find out more about how you can become an amazing songwriter at nashvillechristiansongwriters.com
Mike Weaver is one of the most recognizable and loved voices in Christian music. The success of the band on Christian radio is deeply appreciated, as you will hear in the first part of a fantastic two-part interview. Discover how ministry to their listeners is front and center for this southern rocker and his dedicated teammates. Mike Weaver, his brother, and their band have suffered what seems like an overload of tragedy the last two years, yet the light of their ministry and the hope they bring through their music is burning brighter than ever. You'll not only be entertained through this episode, but moved to tears as Mike shares from his heart the ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs of the real life stories that have brought the ministry of Big Daddy Weave to mean so much to so many. NCS President, John Chisum, is joined in the studio by co-host, Tina Keil, for an intro to this very special episode. Thanks for listening and we hope you will share it on your social media to spread the love. Mike Weaver Episode Timeline: * The heart of Big Daddy Weave (4:31) * Big Daddy Weave's story of brokenness and redemption (7:38) * Mike's music influences (13:04) * The biggest challenge Mike has faced (18:39) * The process of redemption and growth (21:57) Mentioned in this episode: Don Moen Paul Baloche Paul Wilbur Operation Restored Warrior