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Renew You with Quinn Kelly

How to Make Friends as an Adult and Be a Good Friend Too

1/17/2023 00:27:18
How to Make Friends as an Adult and Be a Good Friend Too
We are wired for connection and we need it. When we are little, it begins with our parents. But as we grow, it often becomes a need to connection with a spouse or friends.?But have you ever felt like it's hard to make friends as an adult? And you find yourself wondering if you are missing out on some secret others know.  

In the episode, Quinn teaches listeners: 
  • Why Friendship is Important 
  • What Keeps Us From Making and Maintaining Good Relationships 
  • Traits of Good Adult Friends 

Mind Renewal Tip:

If we want good friends, we have to be a good friend.  

Scriptural Renewal:

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 17:17 

Resources Mentioned:

The theory of Dunbar's number about 150 connections at once. 


Renew You with Quinn Kelly

The RENEW YOU Podcast is created to be like a private therapy session for you to tackle your everyday stresses and struggles through a mix of Jesus + Therapy with licensed marriage and family therapist Quinn Kelly.

In each episode of this podcast Quinn tackles subjects like negative self-talk, perfectionism, battling off defensiveness in marriage, parenting or friendships to give you something to think about in a renewed way each week with relatable stories, practical tips and a non-intimidating style because Quinn may not be able to solve the world's problems, but she is passionate about helping you solve yours - making her ready to "Renew YOU." 


Just found you!!

Just found you thanks to the Tauren Wells podcast. I've only listened to 3 episodes and I am already so blessed. Thank you!!

Speaks to my heart every time!

There is not one episode that doesn't minister to me in one way or another! I learn so much from Quinn. She delivers every episode in an easy to listen, gentle and loving way. Truly look forward to new episodes to see how I can implement what I learn. Thank you Quinn for your ministry and your obedience.