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How to See Our Kids For Who They Are

1/17/2022 00:45:42
How to See Our Kids For Who They Are
Parenting alone is so hard. But when our kids are all different - with different temperaments, personalities, struggles, behavior traits - it is hard to know how to guide them effectively and, at the same time, how to be OUR best for them - uniquely and individually.

Fortunately, we have a special guest with us today who knows a little something about the variety pack when it comes to family and kids. 

If you are familiar with Christian music at all in some way or another, her incredible parenting skills have impacted you. Helen Smallbone is mother to Joel and Luke of For King and Country, and daughter Rebecca St. James. She hosts an incredible podcast on Access More called MUM LIFE Community; she has raised and homeschooled a total of 7 kids.

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