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Rebecca St. James Friends and Family VIDEO

Inspired Parenting- featuring guests David Thomas and Sissy Goff from Raising Boys and Girls

6/25/2021 00:43:02
Rebecca and new friends David and Sissy, experts on the topic of parenting, give encouragement, tips and wisdom regarding raising children well. This episode focuses on practical insights, key emotional needs at various ages for boys and girls, and advice for what's most important in parenting. 

Guests David Thomas and Sissy Goff have over forty years of experience counseling kids and families. They've written sixteen books and have their own podcast called Raising Boys and Girls. Mostly, they love getting to share what they're learning on a daily basis from their work with kids of all ages with us. You can find out more at https://www.raisingboysandgirls.com/

Rebecca St. James Friends and Family VIDEO

Rebecca St. James is back, and not only in the studio working on fresh, modern worship music, but she also has a NEW podcast to encourage you in daily life! Through authentic sharing with friends and family- tackling subjects such as faith, parenting, relationships and more- she reminds listeners they're not alone, and that we have wisdom for life in Jesus!