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Into The Light: Episode 1

Our team journeys to Planet Flox to stop Rattiform and the Shadow Squad from taking a mysterious artifact. Today's questions: Who makes up your community? What are some positive or negative ways they've influenced how you act or the choices you make?

Adventures Of The StarKeepers

Adventures Of The StarKeepers is a family-focused podcast that tells exciting tales while helping kids learn about Biblical topics, which are the same topics taught each weekend in the kids ministry at Elevation Church. Each story follows a group of young heroes called the StarKeepers in their fun, action-packed missions to protect the universe from bumbling villains. After every episode, there are questions to help parents have meaningful, faith-based conversations with their kids. Learn more about our ministry at elevationchurch.org.

Previous Episodes

Into the Light: Episode 3

A giant rock called the Confession Stone is the last thing between all three teams and the mysterious artifact of the Jungle Temple! Today's questions: Why can it be so scary to confess when we've done something wrong? Why should we be brave and ask for forgiveness after we've confessed?

Into the Light: Episode 2

The StarKeepers and Shadow Squad all find a strange magical doorway keeping them from going deeper into the temple. Today's questions: How do you know when you aren't thinking right thoughts ? thoughts that align with what God says? What can you do to replace a wrong thought with a right thought?

Parent Connect: Season Preview (February 2021)

Join us for the first-ever Parent Connect: Season Preview as we discuss some ways you can talk to your kids about February's topics in Adventures Of The StarKeepers (which is also what kids are learning in eKidz Online and in the elementary program at your Elevation campus)!

Out of the Shadows: Episode 5

It's a final showdown to see who gets the Frozen Flame, and the next StarKeeper is revealed! Today's questions: How does the Bible say Jesus treated others? The next time we disagree with someone, how can Jesus' example show us what to do or say next?