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Jake Smith - Forgiving People In The Church

9/13/2021 00:49:37
Jake Smith - Forgiving People In The Church
Church was God's idea for the wellbeing of his kids. It is a vital and important component in our spiritual lives. Unfortunately, though, sometimes some of us get hurt by people in the church or those in ministry. Much of the time, these hurts were unintended. Regardless, it is important for us to experience the freedom of forgiveness related to things that happen even from those in ministry. 

Jake Smith, Jr., founder of Plumline, an organization focused on wholeness and growing healthy relationships joined the podcast to talk further about this very topic. As a former pastor and church planter he helped build thriving ministries but like many of us, he too has experienced his share of hurt and the journey of forgiveness as a result. 

As someone who has been both a church member and a church leader, Jake has a perspective from both positions. Jake shares that hurt is the feeling when we have been harmed emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or physically. Harm results in feeling hurt. Another feeling follows us afterward - fear. We feel at risk of being harmed again in one or more of those ways. Whether the risk is legitimate or not, fear becomes part of our experience after we've been hurt. 

Forgiveness is needed after we've been harmed. Jake grew up in the church and served as a pastor for twenty-one years. Not only has he been hurt and harmed within the church, but Jake admits that he has also been the one who has caused hurt and harm, not intentionally, but in his own imperfection and woundedness.

We discuss the following facets of Forgiving People In The Church-

What does forgiveness look like and why is it important? 

How do we forgive a church that hasn't been attentive? 

How do we find our way forward when church doesn't feel comfortable or safe? 

What about when we feel judged by the church? 

How can we forgive people in the church?

As single parents, how can we safely process our hurts without it negatively impacting our kids?

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