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Jean Stoffer - The Established Home

11/7/2022 00:23:31
Jean Stoffer - The Established Home
It can be hard to nurture your family, faith, and work all at the same time. Yet it's possible in this ever changing world to work and have a strong and established home. Interior designer Jean Stoffer is here to share her hard-won wisdom about marriage, raising kids, running a business and landing a television show on the Magnolia Network. In this heart to heart conversation, you'll learn:

2:30 How did you start working with Magnolia Network?

4:00 The day my husband unexpectedly quit his high paying job 

6:45 Listen to your spouse completely before reacting

9:00 Balancing a growing business and being a mom 

12:10 Why do moms need a creative outlet? What was yours? 

14:50 Being the hub house 

16:10 When your plans for your son's college didn't happen 

21:00 From a design perspective, here's what is appropriate for kids

Jean Stoffer is the star of Magnolia Network's show, The Established Home. This TV series follows Jean and her design work. Jean is an award winning Grand Rapids based interior designer and her new book is called "Establishing Home: Creating Space for a Beautiful Life with Family, Faith and Friends." Joanna Gaines says this about the book: "Home is so much more than the sum of its parts, and this beautiful book will encourage you to keep pursuing that which fills the gaps."

Learn more about Jean Stoffer and her book here

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The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane

The Happy Home is sponsored in part by Talk About. Use Promo Code HAPPYHOME to get 1 month free at

This show is for women and men who want a happier home life. Arlene will help you bridge the gap between your ideal family and the real thing. You don't have to come from a happy home to create one.

Your host Arlene Pellicane is a speaker and author of several books including 31 Days to a Happy Husband and Parents Rising. She and her husband James have been married more than 21 years and have three children.

Inside this podcast, you'll meet some of the kindest and smartest experts when it comes to marriage and parenting. Get ready for fun and practical conversations that will change your thinking, give you hope, and spark positive change.  


Help for those teen years

As a mom of two boys, I've loved listening to Arlene and her guests share encouragement as I don't feel like my home is always a happy one. #thestruggleisreal. I highly recommend you tune in, especially her episodes on anger and rebellious teens. Oh my!


Arlene has excellent content; fantastic messages of hope. Perfection is not the goal. There are no boney fingers pointed at our sternum pointing out our parenting flaws.Genuine, authentic guests with messages of encouragement."You don't have to come from a happy home, to create one." All with God 's help.