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The Writing Room with Bob Goff and Kimberly Stuart VIDEO

Jessye Wilden

1/18/2023 00:22:44
Jessye Wilden lives with her husband, Ryan, and their children in Mount Shasta, California, where bears rattle the garbage cans and deer occasionally pose dramatically in the backyard. As a family they are passionate about snow skiing, adventuring in their camping trailer, and dancing in the kitchen. Jessye continues to write and speak to groups using her unique perspective and exciting storytelling to help others hold onto goodness when life hurts most; when she has some spare time, she enjoys date nights with her husband or reading a book in the sunshine with a giant cup of coffee.

The Writing Room with Bob Goff and Kimberly Stuart VIDEO

Authors Bob Goff and Kimberly Stuart have helped hundreds of writers push their words from the crazy-dream stage to holding books with actual bar codes. After a bunch of years in publishing and bunch of books launched, Bob and Kim have found that, like most things, writing works best when tackled with good friends. The Writing Room is a place where authors talk shop, stoke their curiosity, and get the nudge we all need to finish our work.