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Leah Boden - Love Education Again with Modern Miss Mason

1/2/2023 00:31:49
Leah Boden - Love Education Again with Modern Miss Mason
Are your kids enthusiastic about school? Whether your child goes to public, private or homeschool, author Leah Boden has ideas that will get your children more interested in learning. Many educators are familiar with Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education. In Leah's new book titled Modern Miss Mason, you'll discover how anyone can use Charlotte Mason's principles to spark curiosity and lengthen attention spans. In today's conversation, you will learn: 

3:45 Who was Charlotte Mason and why is she important in education? 

6:20 Children are not like a lump of clay that we form

8:00 What is the atmosphere of your home and how is that a tool of education? 

11:50 How tech can be used for good in education, to bring out beauty 

18:50 What is masterly inactivity? How can you train kids so you can trust them? 

21:00 Try this in Bible study to help your kids learn for themselves 

23:00 Creating a love of books in the home, how to choose a good book 

25:50 What might a day of Charlotte Mason education look like? 

28:50 When a homeschooling mom is exhausted 

Leah Boden is the author Modern Miss Mason: Discover how Charlotte Mason's revolutionary ideas on home education can change how you and your children learn and grow together. Leah is a wife and mother of four. She's a longtime home educator with over 20 years of experience working with families within the church. She speaks, coaches, and runs workshops to share the beauty of a Charlotte Mason approach to childhood, motherhood, and education. She and her family live in England. 

Learn about Leah Boden's book, Modern Miss Mason at leahboden.com

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Help for those teen years

As a mom of two boys, I've loved listening to Arlene and her guests share encouragement as I don't feel like my home is always a happy one. #thestruggleisreal. I highly recommend you tune in, especially her episodes on anger and rebellious teens. Oh my!


Arlene has excellent content; fantastic messages of hope. Perfection is not the goal. There are no boney fingers pointed at our sternum pointing out our parenting flaws.Genuine, authentic guests with messages of encouragement."You don't have to come from a happy home, to create one." All with God 's help.