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Illuminated Soul with Craig West

Illuminated Soul with Craig West

Bite sized teaching, encouragement, and practical tools that help you respond to the negative thoughts, emotions, and occasional darkness life circumstances can sometimes bring. Together we're partnering with the Holy Spirit to live life with excellence of Soul!

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The Arrival Fallacy

Some of our anxiety, depression, feelings of failure and more might be the result of buying into this particular illusion.

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Why Affirmations Usually Don't Work

Self-hatred. Low self-esteem. Feelin' like a loser. If we're honest, often times positive affirmations don't work as well as we wish they would. Why? And is there a better way?

3 Powerful Grounding Words!

Overwhelmed? Freakin' out? Here are 3 simple, yet powerful words to help ground us in the present moment when we don't like the moment we find ourselves in.

Emotional Reasoning Equals Trouble

When we reason from how we feel, we can quickly make a mess of things and cause ourselves undue emotional turmoil. Let's learn a better way.

Fear and Trust

Instead of pretending it's not there, what if we admit it when we are afraid? And if we do, is that a contradiction to trusting God? Can we be afraid AND trust God?