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Making peace with our past

6/7/2021 00:42:02
Making peace with our past
Cultivating peace with our past is difficult but necessary. So, how do we find peace after experiencing hard things in our past?

Whether we are the ones that left a relationship and left scars in our wake, or there have been things done to us that we replay in our minds, the accusations of others and even the voices from our youth can be overwhelming. Things from our past play out loud in our present. The enemy loves to remind us of our failures and the pain of our past. We can feel bombarded by old tapes, and, when we are walking alone, we have nobody to help us refute them. 

All of us live with regrets and even lies from our past experiences that show up in our present lives. If we don't deal with them, they will very likely repeat themselves. It isn't fun to face hard, traumatic experiences or words spoken over us or things we have done. We've all done things we wish we hadn't done or had done differently. To be free of them, there are steps we can take to experience peace.

Elizabeth Cole joins Robert and Kimberley to talk about this very thing. Elizabeth is familiar with the journey. Jake Smith of Plumline (goplumline.com) told her, "You can never just leave the past in the past. The past always affects your present if you aren't dealing with it." Old school philosophy might be to "get over it" or "just move on" but if we don't deal with the past, it forms and shapes our present. 

"It shapes how you act, react, respond, and how you live your life because that's what you are conditioned and trained to do based on your past experiences," says Elizabeth. "Your body, your mind, and your emotions have been conditioned over time to protect you and to survive based on what you learned in the past. If you don't bring those things into your future and look at it and dissect it and figure out what's causing you to be who you are today, especially if you're not happy with where you are today, you're not going to move forward. A lot of growth can happen by addressing [your past]."

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