Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology


Love this podcast!

I first heard Lisa Harper at a Joyce Meyer conference last fall. I saw at her table that she had a podcast and I started listening! I couldn't get enough! Listened to all the past podcasts and listen every week!I have grown in Christ so much and appreciate their honesty and sharing their love of Christ. Breaking down the Bible so beautifully!

One of the best

This is one of the podcasts that I don't ever miss every week. I love the depth that Lisa and Allison go into to discuss these topics. I have listened to every message that Lisa has ever given that is out there!!Just a comment for whoever is editing these podcasts- for the past few episodes, there has been several places where the conversation is skipped or repeated. I think it is the editing and may be someone need to listen to the entire recording before uploading.. definitely look into it

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