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Heroes For Her

Heroes For Her

Most women struggle with things like insecurity, comparison, or trying to measure up to the world's impossible standard of beauty. They've questioned their ability to live well, lead effectively, and own their influence to positively impact the next generation of confident, compassionate and capable women.   

Women need a place to gather, and grow, so they can guide the girls they love to know their value, live on purpose, and make the unique difference in the world they were born to make. 

Welcome to the Heroes For Her podcast with Erin Weidemann

In this podcast, Erin tackles the issues that matter most to women: the mothers and mentors of the next generation. From overcoming fear to walking in purpose to shifting the focus of feminine value from beauty to inherent worth, Erin gets real about the reality of female life and leadership. 

Join Erin as she inspires you each week by sharing personal stories as well as interviewing real women; positive role models whose lives and leadership are making a difference.

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Rebekah Lyons: Total Surrender=Total Peace

Erin and Rebekah get real and raw as they discuss the lies we believe and the truth of what God has taught them about motherhood and marriage. You are not alone, and this is not the end of the story.

Previous Episodes

Do you want to be catapulted into your calling and operate fully in your purpose? If you want to see crazy amazing growth and promotion in your life, listen in to hear the linchpin to unleashing God's favor on your life.

Katherine Wolf: Joy In The Journey

Are you in a season of terrible suffering? Do you live in fear of what the future holds and the uncertainty that surrounds us? Then listen in as Katherine Wolf shares how the unthinkable threatened to unravel her world and how she redefined her world by choosing joy.

Three Reasons Women Need Real Community

Has your daughter experienced emotional hardship out of the loss of social interactions and lack of in-person community? Listen in and find out why it is so important to not just have friends but to engulf yourself inside of community and why modeling it for your daughter (and WITH your daughter) is life-changing for both of you. Hear the 3 keys to unlock true intimacy with God through the container of community.

Jennie Lusko: The Fight to Flourish

Have you had a trial overwhelm you? Join Erin and Jennie Lusko as they discuss experiencing joy in the midst of trials. Listen in as Jennie shares her story, and how the adventure of life doesn't go as planned; how to commit to the fight to flourish.