The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast


dear Candace ,

my name is Madison cox ! I am a big fan of yours ! Now I don't know if you will get this but if you do that would be awesome! I just turned 12 in January, and I started to listen to your podcast ! I am a big believer! It's been such a blessing to listen to your inspiring words . This podcast may be for adults, but let's just say I'm like a mini adult , (at least that's what my mom says ) . I home school so I spend a lot of time listening ! Love ️ this pod !!!! Bye

Makes me Smile!!!

I love listening to this podcast makes me smile, laugh, think, and even cry at times. I like the different views on things and how Candace is really into her guests and she is truly listening to them and not over talking are making them feel uncomfortable. Keep up the hard work Candace and your team keep pushing you all are amazing too!!!Melanie#grewupwatchingDJ

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