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We're Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff

It's a vibe in season FIVE!

4/30/2022 00:01:22
It's a vibe in season FIVE!
Hey Family! We are heading into our FIFTH season of the podcast and all I can say is that It's Gonna Be A Vibe in Season Five!??

Thank you for spending time listening to this podcast and being part of this amazing community. My heart is not just to share information, but to cultivate a space for transformation. In order to do that, we gotta keep it real and talk about things that sometimes make us feel a little uncomfortable. As I like to say We're Going There!

This season is shaping up to be one of my favorites! Not only are we hosting amazing thinkers, creatives, and leaders but we'll also be tackling topics like new age, manifestation, coping with grief, living your life with purpose and balance, discovering your IT factor, how to build lifelong friendships, and so much more.

I would love it if you left a kind review. When you do, take a screenshot, post it on social media and tag me @BiancaOlthoff. Also, subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any of the episodes. This show is a labor of love and I'm honored to bring you content that is educational, motivational, and inspirational.

Love you, Fam!


We're Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Author, speaker, and Christian leader, Bianca Juarez Olthoff invites guests to discuss relevant topics affecting all aspects of our lives. From relationships to race relations, faith to fashion, the conversations will leave you with practical tips, fun ways to talk about tough topics, and stories with amazing people to impact your life.

No topic is off the table and faith will always be at the forefront of the conversation. So... WE'RE GOING THERE!

For more on Bianca like her books Play With Fire and How To Have Your Life Not Suck, visit BiancaOlthoff.com