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Dreamers and Disciples with Wade Joye

Stop Waiting On An Audience

1/23/2023 00:22:38
Stop Waiting On An Audience
You don't need a certain platform or a large audience to do what God has called you to do. You just need to take a step, even when no one else may notice. In this episode, we talk about why you should stop hiding what God has given you as a gift to use.

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Dreamers and Disciples with Wade Joye

Wade Joye is a pastor, preacher and author who spent 15 years serving as the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church. As Worship Pastor, he oversaw the weekend worship experience teams, pastored worship leaders and creatives and was instrumental in building and leading Elevation Worship.

At the end of 2021, Wade transitioned to a new season of ministry as he travels the country to preach and coach ministry leaders. Wade is passionate about helping people develop and maintain consistent spiritual rhythms and disciplines that cultivate a healthy heart and soul.

Wade's greatest passion, though, is his family. He and his wife Ferris have 3 daughters they adore and are learning to navigate family, ministry, and faith as they raise children with special needs like Cystic Fibrosis and Cerebral Palsy.

"Dreamers and Disciples" is a weekly podcast to explore how to reset your rhythms and renew your dreams by trusting God with the dreams in your heart through regular rhythms of abiding in Christ. We will learn what the Bible really says about purpose, calling, and trusting God with disappointment as we dream the way a disciple does - with open hands of surrender. 


Love this Podcast

I love this podcast. Host Wade shares how you can listen to God and follow your dreams while following God's purpose for you. I highly recommend you subscribe and listen to the Dreamer's and Disciples Podcast!! Thank Wade for your ministry!

Finding God and Emotional Health

I am so thankful for this podcast and it has become a weekly tradition of mine. I believe God led me here, because on the first time my husband and I decided to go back to church, Wade Joye visited Freedom Church and spoke just after our son passed away in the NICU. I had little to no faith or understanding, a lot of bitterness and questions, and did not know how to have faith or bring my emotions to God. This podcast found me at the right time and has allowed me to learn how to follow God and bring my emotions to him. Thank you!