Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology


Growing my walk with Jesus....just what I needed

I have been stuck. I have grown with God and His Word in that last few years and it has felt like I hit a block wall. I crave more, I needed something deeper, but fun. This is just what I needed in the current season I am in!!! I love how honest, fun, and deep these back porch convos are!! I have started from the beginning and listening to each episode twice because I miss things and really want to learn!! And boy do you!! I have purchased my first Lisa Harper book and loving it!! Can't wait to read them all and I want to start her Luke study after I finish my current study!!!! Praising God for you Lisa!! Your podcast has revived me and I am so grateful for you, AL, and all those spreading the wisdom and love of God!!

I. Love. This. Show.

BPT (Back Porch Theology if Missy is reading this ;) is wonderful. You all have some very talented and knowledgeable guests on from time to time. But the whole family was there today (Lisa, Allison, and Dr. H) and I just sighed a sigh of contentment. My favorite episodes are the ones that include all three of you.

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