Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology


Life changing

When I found this podcast, I was hungry and searching. The way that Lisa was able to talk through theology and explain it and as she says, "put the cookies on the lower shelf" I began to grow and become even more hungry to hear. Portions of God's word that I had always read past. I've been raised in church, my whole life, and I follow Jesus since I was 16. But there's a lot that I've just never understood... And I really didn't feel like the church was always a great place to ask questions. Well, sometimes they didn't mind questions. It truly did feel like they didn't have time for questions that fell outside of their outline or program. I am so thankful for Allison Allen and Lisa Harper, and Doc H! The speakers you have had on your show have broadened up my world so much. You have opened me up to a community that has enriched my life and my spiritual walk.

Ally & Lisa have become like close friends

Looking forward to cooler weather so I can take walks again and catch up on Back Porch episodes. Can't get enough!

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