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Leadership in Black and White

The Power of Leading with Excellence

11/14/2022 00:23:12
The Power of Leading with Excellence
Excellence is a difference-maker for any effective leader. In this episode, John and Wayne talk about why excellence is more than just a leadership issue - it's a spiritual one. They focus their discussion around 6 big picture principles about excellence that every Christian leader should hear. 

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Leadership in Black and White

Leadership in Black and White is a weekly podcast hosted by John Siebeling and Wayne Francis. John and Wayne talk to leaders about how to lead in the gray areas of life and develop you as a Christian leader.


Biblical Wisdom

New and seasoned leaders still need wise leaders, encouragement, affirmation, and support. John and Wayne are two brothers I know Jesus also led me to for those things. I am very thankful and appreciate the time and biblical wisdom these men dedicate to any listener. God bless!

Brilliant Leaders! Brilliant Content!

I have listened to every podcast so far and love the relationship between Pastor Wayne and Pastor John! These two are brilliant and Cove the hard stuff with such class and grace! Thank you for your time in investing in changed lives!