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BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone VIDEO


This podcast is uplifting and encouraging. It looks at the ups and downs of marriage and Joel and Mariah are great story tellers. They get deep and talk about things I haven't thought about before.


This podcast is real and raw! I have always wanted to hear their story. Just amazing how God can work through relationships and turn it for His good.

Intriguing and uplifting

Totally enjoyed it!!! Loved their honesty and vulnerability but most of all I loved how the love of Christ is shared.Thank you so much for your openness.Vid Bless

Loved, best podcast of the podcasts I've listened to!

It's about marriage but also just relationships. They aren't simply romanticizing their story, but talk about the real, bumbling stumbling awkwardness of it all and the messy, I'm-hurting & those not-so-beautiful-parts-because-I've-done-you-wrong of it. But in many ways, it's also redemptive in hearing them talk through their reflections. They recognize the unfolding of their story in coming together is not something to be romanticized but to be realized as a relationship with its complexities and messiness because we're all sinful humans in need of the guidance and counseling and love and forgiveness of our Savior and God, even at our best and well-intentioned. Thankful for the insight and the hard conversations of tapping into some of these fundamentals and truths of the push and pull of relationships. Those lessons gleaned from listening and watching, I'm sure, will be applied in my life. Shout out to Ep 5 (probably one of the best episodes of this first season IMO) for addressing those of us in the minority! Looking forward to Season 2.


I like watching more than listening. But wow. I skipped from episode 1 to 5. And I am glad the mentor is there. She said some very powerful things that it even spoke to me. I was praying about that even yesterday about it. Thank you. Please continue following the Holy Spirit and the word of God. There are people out there who need this.

Love! Love! Love!

My husband and I were married really young and have been married for 17 years. We absolutely love listening to Moriah and Joel's story. They have inspired us to look back at our own story. They encourage us to let God work in our lives, our marriage and ourselves as individuals. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for letting sharing your story and wisdom!

I wish this never ends!

Absolutely FANTASTIC PODCAST! I love For King

open, awkward + lovely

Love it! So open and vulnerable.Love the thinking prompts.

So good!

Thank you so much for sharing your perspective! I'm 35 and still single, it's hard but I know God is working in the waiting. Please feel free to send a godly man my way if you think of any

Thank you Joel and Moriah!!

Thank y'all so much. Y'all encouraged me so so so much. May the Lord bless y'all always. When does season 2 come out?? I can't wait till it does. I have recommended this podcast to everyone I see or meet!Love from a country girl in southern Virginia!!

BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone VIDEO

In just 6 episodes of BECOMING:us, you'll witness authentic conversations between two artists and their mentor. Moriah and Joel Smallbone dig deep into their story for truths that have guided them through their career, marriage and creative endeavors...each episode landing on a powerful and practical tool interpreted by friend, guide and spiritual contemplative, Kerry Hasenbalg. You can expect vulnerability, honesty and humor in this cinematic podcast which speaks to the uniquely challenging, triumphant and (at times) preposterous moments of life. Uncover useful insight on what love really looks like in sickness and in health; in the good times and the uncertain. Click "subscribe" and use #Becomingus on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join the online communal conversation around what it means to become all that God intended us to be.