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Blue Sky Breakthrough with Jeff Rasor
Blue Sky Breakthrough with Jeff Rasor

Blue Sky Breakthrough with Jeff Rasor

The Blue Sky Breakthrough Podcast is where Jeff Rasor brings 20+ years of leadership, business, team development, and one-on-one coaching experience directly to you.

Whether it's leveling up in your career or reigniting your energy, passion, and joy for life, Jeff's insight and coaching will lead you to a blue sky breakthrough on the journey to your God-given dreams, the life you have always longed for.

If you are a leader or visionary who hungers for more in your life, career, or business, and you dream of courageously living a life of success and purpose, impact and significance, you won't want to miss an episode.

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Welcome to the first step in your journey toward breakthrough and to reaching your God-given dreams!

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Ep 9: Healthy Identity for Marketplace Leaders - Blue Sky Affirmation #1


You are a faith-driven marketplace leader who has experienced a measure of success, and yet you may not fully have your identity anchored into a healthy foundation. When your success in the marketplace feels in question or the results are no longer satisfying, questions of your value rush can in and leave you apathetic and vulnerable.

You are infinitely valuable, my friend. And while you have probably heard that in some form or fashion before, it is likely that it hasn't made it past your head, and seeped down into an experiential reality deep in your heart.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 9 as Jeff unpacks Blue Sky Affirmation #1 and shares how it transformed his understanding of his identity in the marketplace and how it can do the same for you.

Previous Episodes

Ep 8: Healthy Identity for Marketplace Leaders


You are a faith-driven marketplace leader and you have likely heard the importance of anchoring your identity in the person of Christ. Yet, beyond it simply being a spiritual concept, you likely have struggled to understand what that truly means for you as you evaluate your life, your profession, and your business.

If you want to pursue and power the restoration of your God-given dreams, to reach your fullest blue sky potential the way that God intended, you are going to need to experience a deeper anchoring of your identity in Christ.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 8 to discover the foundation of healthy identity for marketplace leaders like you and how you can be transformed by conditioning this identity to the very core of who you are.

Ep 7: Powering the Restoration of Your Dreams


As you have been reawakening and rekindling your dreams over the last few weeks, has a little bit of doubt crept into your mind? As you have accepted the invitation to go on the journey to see your dreams restored, has fear begun to overwhelm your heart?

There is a core belief in possibility that you are going to need to cultivate, even if simply as a foundation to the journey of reaching your potential. Beyond that, there are 3 practical truths that can power the restoration of your dreams.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 7 to learn how you can cultivate a deeper belief in the possibility of all that God wants to do in and through you, and take note as Jeff unpacks powerful truths that will help you overcome the doubt, fear, and apathy that is leashing you to the ground.

Ep 6: Your Dreams - A Journey of Restoration


Given all that you feel like you have had stolen from you, or all that you feel like you have squandered, you might feel that most, if not all, of your dreams are dead. Well, you need to be reminded that there is a difference between dead and dormant.

You may be surprised to learn that those God-infused dreams - your dreams for your life, your career, your business, your family, your ministry - those dreams aren't actually dead, but are simply waiting for the right timing, the right season, the right preparedness before they can fully come alive.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 6 as Jeff inspires you that the reawakening and rekindling of your dreams can lead you into the journey of restoration to see your dreams become a reality beyond what you have ever imagined.

Ep 5: Re-Awakening Your Dreams


Have you experienced one of those divine moments where all of a sudden you felt like you caught a glimpse of a dream? Do you feel like you have squandered or lost that dream to history? Or, did you chase it so hard that you complete obliterated its existence in the process?

So many successful professionals, leaders, executives and business owners have chased a shadow-dream of success only to come to a point of frustration or discouragement. This despair seeps in when they realize the success that have doesn't look at all like God-given dreams buried deep in their soul. It's time to re-awaken those God-given dream within you and move from a place of success to significance.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 5 as Jeff shares shares about the difference between a dream and a wish, provides practical cautions how to not mishandle those first moments of re-awakening your dreams, and then invites into a journey of seeing your dreams restored.

Ep 4: The D.N.A. of Your Dreams


It would be a massive understatement to say that 2020 has been surprisingly more difficult than we could have ever imagined. In all of it, it would be easy to lose sight of your dreams.

Well, it is time to dream again, my friend. Yes. Right now - in this season of world history. The world needs your God-given dreams to be fanned into flame, so that through those dreams, the burdens on your heart, and the passions of your soul can come about and impact the world for good. To get started, you are going to need to know the fundamental D.N.A. of your dreams. The world needs you. The world needs your dream.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 4 where Jeff encourages you to find the remnants of the glowing ember of a God-given dream that was once aflame. Once you do, stay tuned as the next 3 episodes are going to help you reawaken, rekindle, and restore that dream into reality.

You likely have a dream of what your life could be now and become in the future. Yet, way too often the 3 great enemies - the enemy of doubt, fear, and a 3rd "secret" enemy - together form what can feel like an unbreakable leash on your life and your dreams.

Despite the reality that you may feel chained down to the corner of stuck and lost, there is good news! I have discovered the 3 truths of transformational breakthrough, the three truths that will unchain you from those 3 leashes that hold you and your dreams to the ground. These 3 truths have the power to truly set you free so you can soar into your blue sky potential and to truly reach your dreams.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 3 where Jeff reveals the 3rd secret leash that may be holding you back and unpacks the 3 powerful truths that can lead you into a life of confidence, courage, and conviction!

Ep 2: The Comfort Zone - Safe, Deadly, or Both?


So many leaders and influencers are shaming the Comfort Zone, but what if there is goodness and purpose to it? Yet, what if that goodness and purpose traps you into an acceptance of the status quo, ultimately leading you to the death of desire and indifference toward your dreams?

There is a way out! There truly is a journey that will launch you out of that Comfort Zone and into an opportunity to experience a genuine transformation and breakthrough - the type of breakthrough you need to truly reach your dreams.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 2 where Jeff invites you into the journey to leave the Comfort Zone behind and to elevate into the blue sky of your potential!

Are you tired of hearing about "reaching your potential?" Feel like the idea is worn-out and cliché?

Well, your potential is not simply an idea or a concept, but it is a genuine reality and a practical leadership truth that can lead you to breakthrough.

Even if you feel discouraged that maybe you have already missed too many opportunities and squandered your potential, and no matter what you have been through or experienced, there is still more potential for your life than you have ever imagined.

Subscribe now and check out Episode 1 where Jeff helps you rediscover that your very life is still significant and your potential is legitimately higher in the blue sky than it has ever been!

Ep 0: Introducing the Blue Sky Breakthrough Podcast


Are you wondering if God has something more for you and your future? Are you longing to find purpose, impact, and significance in your life, career, or business?

Don't give up - breakthrough it coming!

There is an absolutely amazing blue sky future for you, a future that you thought only existed in your dreams. It is time that you begin to renew your hope that God still has more for you than you can imagine.

Listen now to this inaugural trailer where Jeff share's his dreams as a way for you to renew hope in your dreams!

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