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Cultivate with Kelly Minter

Ep 46: The Hope and Renewal of God's Word

9/6/2022 00:33:15
Ep 46: The Hope and Renewal of God's Word
The Cultivate Podcast is back! I'm so excited to be in my living room walking through 2 Timothy 3:16-17 with you. In this fresh episode, we'll look at 4 ways God's Word uniquely impacts our lives. One of my deepest hopes is to help you see how Scripture connects to the everyday challenges we face and the internal struggles we deal with. God's Word has renewed my life, given me hope, and redirected me when I needed it-and He longs to do the same for you! 

In this episode, we'll get to make these practical and hope-filled connections as we reflect on the encouragement that the Apostle Paul gave his younger friend Timothy. No matter where you are in your faith journey, today's episode about the power of Scripture will be an inspiring listen.  

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Ep 45: Sermon on the Mount: Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer

1/25/2022 00:29:20
Ep 45: Sermon on the Mount: Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer
Today we're looking at prayer in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. So often we wonder if prayer works, if God really cares, or why even pray if God already knows what we need? Sometimes we even question whether the God we pray to is good.

I'm excited for this episode because Jesus' teaching addresses so many of our questions. And where our questions remain unanswered He goes out of His way to reveal the good heart of God toward us. I'm looking forward to wrapping up our short 4-part series out of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount with you. I hope it will encourage you in your prayer life.   

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Ep 44: Sermon on the Mount: Worry, Anxiety, and Considering the Birds

1/18/2022 00:33:27
Ep 44: Sermon on the Mount: Worry, Anxiety, and Considering the Birds
Perhaps more than ever we're living in a day of worry and anxiety. But this isn't new. Over 2,000 years ago Jesus stood on the edge of the Sea of Galilee and addressed our tendency to let anxiety overtake us. We're continuing to move through Jesus' Sermon on the Mount where we'll find real help for our anxious souls. 

A sneak peek at what's in store? When we treasure the wrong things our hearts become anxious. But when our hearts value eternal things-our relationship with God and others-our treasures are secure. One of my favorite parts of Jesus' sermon is when He tells us to look at the birds and flowers to see how He cares for them. How much more He cares for us! We're unpacking all of this and more. I hope you'll join me for some soul rest in this episode.  

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Ep 43: Sermon on the Mount: Salt and Light

1/11/2022 00:31:14
Ep 43: Sermon on the Mount: Salt and Light
We're diving into the images of salt and light that Jesus uses in this section of the Sermon on the Mount. Both of these are elements we all use every day, but by looking at the historical and contextual implications of these metaphors, we can get a better idea of what Jesus meant when He called us to be these agents of impact. 

Salt is a preservative that slows down decay. Salt is on the defense while the light is on the offense, dispelling darkness from areas wherever it's present. How does this apply to us? Why does Jesus call us to live like this? Join me as we talk about these metaphors and other Scriptures that remain timeless and applicable today!

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Ep 42: Sermon on the Mount: Countercultural Blessings

1/4/2022 00:34:59
Ep 42: Sermon on the Mount: Countercultural Blessings
As we begin a new series in the New Year, I'm excited to focus on Jesus's Sermon on the Mount in this new four-part series. We're starting with the Beatitudes where Jesus gives descriptions of what it looks like to flourish and thrive in this life because of the arrival of His kingdom. He gives us an entirely new way to live! And it's inherently countercultural to what our world defines as blessing.  

The message of the Beatitudes is not reserved for those who have every materialistic luxury. In fact, Jesus initially taught this message to a group of people who were historically oppressed and marginalized. And the Beatitudes are not a to-do list for Christians, but instead a definition of Christ followers and how they walk in the newness of Christ's kingdom. It's a declaration-when you find yourself in these conditions and you're a follower of Christ, you are blessed.

As we go into a new year, remember that our God is a promise keeper and He is not forgetful of us or His promises. While this season may carry both joy and difficulty, we have good news! God kept His promise in sending a Savior into the world, Immanuel, God with us. 

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Cultivate with Kelly Minter

The Cultivate Podcast is all about deepening our understanding of Scripture for a deeper love of Jesus. That's my simple hope. Yet we live in a crazy busy culture that makes it hard to prioritize Bible study. Not to mention, for many of us the Bible can be plain confusing or intimidating. That's why I'm so excited about this podcast! We'll get to study God's Word together.

Absolutely nothing has gone after every crevice of my heart like Scripture. It's the most relevant and alive book on earth and I can't wait for God to meet you exactly where you're at as we open the Bible together. I also happen to love cooking, gardening, having people over, and deep relationships. So I'll always do my best to keep it real, practical, and personal. Whether you're brand new to the Bible or a seasoned student of Scripture, I hope you'll join me on this hopeful journey.

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About Kelly Minter

Hi There. My name is Kelly Minter and I'm a Bible study author and teacher. I've written several Bible studies for Lifeway, including Finding God Faithful, All Things New, No Other Gods, Ruth, and a few others. I love to teach the Bible at my Cultivate Events across the country and also locally at my home church. I have a passion for missions, which is why I also work in the Amazon jungles of Brazil and the Eastern European country of Moldova with Justice & Mercy International. I wrote a book about my work in the Amazon called Wherever The River Runs. It's dear to my heart. I also love cooking, gardening, and having people to my house. It turns out, I pretty much wanted to write about that too, so a cookbook called A Place at the Table was born. Mostly, I love engaging with people as we study God's Word together, which is why I'm especially excited about the brand new Cultivate Podcast.

For a free 21-day devotional called The Blessed Life visit me at Kellyminter.com. Also, I'd love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook. 


So timely

Your episode on Hannah was such a timely word and blessing for my life as it has been year after year of trials but as you reminded us of Hannah and her fight to still worship God, I too will. I loved most of all that all of this was "a way for her to go deeper with God and worship the BLESSER over the blessing" My God - what a powerful word! Thank you so much for showing up! #iamrelentless

Yay!! You're back!!

Yay!! Your back! I've missed your podcasts! So insightful and inspiring as you teach God's Word.