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Cultivate with Kelly Minter


I just came home from a walk, pouring out my heart to God about pain I am having in my life, and I wanted to know if this is pain I would have to deal with for the rest of my life...then I played this. Thank you Jesus for such a personal word to me...and thank you Kelly for speaking God's truth! (By the way...my name was going to be Hannah and my Mom made a last minute change...my name is now Rachael...but I always liked Hannah better!)


I have followed Kelly for years and I am so excited to hear her podcast. She is such a wonderful Bible teacher.


Wow I can't tell you how many times Kelly's work has touched my life in the exact time I've needed it.I've grown in close relationship with our Heavenly Father and Kelly's teachings have helped build that bridge of understanding.Hannah's story came to me in a time of need. I have had 3 miscarriages in a row and no child. I have praised the Lord during my circumstances and usually have a positive mindset. But sometimes the devil try's to make me doubt Gods control and will in life. Last night the doubt and fears of trying again snuck in.Kelly's recap of Hannah's story serves as a gentle reminder that have to KEEP worshiping keep growing and trying to live like Jesus.Thank you Kelly for your work. I wish one day I could sit down and tell you all the instances God has used your writings to meet me in my circumstances and change my life.Bless you for sharing your skills to advance the kingdom of God.


The best. I love everything Kelly Minter produces.

Kelly Delves Deep

Kelly really delves into the scriptures. She talks about the world during the specific time period so you know what daily life was truly like. The second episode was an aha moment for me. I never thought about the servants! I sure do now!

Excited for this

I'm going through some hard times. I needed something like this. Listening to K-LOVE heard about this podcast. Standing for my marriage. Things have changed since 8 months ago. I believe God will restore my relationship with my husband. For now I take what it is. May God work on me, can't change my husband but my prayers for him reaches him.

So Excited!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to take this scriptural journey with Kelly!! She not only teaches truth but speaks it on my level!! Totally relatable! Thank you, Kelly for being obedient to a new form of ministry. God bless!

Outstanding Podcast!

Truly awesome and amazing sound teaching! Thank you!


I love that Kelly simply teaches the Word! (30 minutes is the perfect length.) There is a place for all types of podcasts but this one is tops on my "listen list" because she explains God's Word so well! ?


I have been taught, trained and guided through Kelly's podcasts! I praise the Lord for her obedience to teach and share the Word! What a blessing to the body of Christ! I pray the anointing of the Holy Spirit to continue the work of the Lord through her.

Cultivate with Kelly Minter

The Cultivate Podcast is all about deepening our understanding of Scripture for a deeper love of Jesus. That's my simple hope. Yet we live in a crazy busy culture that makes it hard to prioritize Bible study. Not to mention, for many of us the Bible can be plain confusing or intimidating. That's why I'm so excited about this podcast! We'll get to study God's Word together.

Absolutely nothing has gone after every crevice of my heart like Scripture. It's the most relevant and alive book on earth and I can't wait for God to meet you exactly where you're at as we open the Bible together. I also happen to love cooking, gardening, having people over, and deep relationships. So I'll always do my best to keep it real, practical, and personal. Whether you're brand new to the Bible or a seasoned student of Scripture, I hope you'll join me on this hopeful journey.

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About Kelly Minter

Hi There. My name is Kelly Minter and I'm a Bible study author and teacher. I've written several Bible studies for Lifeway, including Finding God Faithful, All Things New, No Other Gods, Ruth, and a few others. I love to teach the Bible at my Cultivate Events across the country and also locally at my home church. I have a passion for missions, which is why I also work in the Amazon jungles of Brazil and the Eastern European country of Moldova with Justice & Mercy International. I wrote a book about my work in the Amazon called Wherever The River Runs. It's dear to my heart. I also love cooking, gardening, and having people to my house. It turns out, I pretty much wanted to write about that too, so a cookbook called A Place at the Table was born. Mostly, I love engaging with people as we study God's Word together, which is why I'm especially excited about the brand new Cultivate Podcast.

For a free 21-day devotional called The Blessed Life visit me at Kellyminter.com. Also, I'd love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook.