Get Your Hopes Up with Christy Wright


Hi Christy!

Thank you for this podcast. Thank you for sharing your perspective and testimony. Thank you for being real! You are speaking directly to my heart. "Get your hopes up" is a biblical concept and I needed to hear it.

Powerful and practical!

This podcast has barely begun, and it has already spoken volumes in my life! There is no doubt in my mind that God did exactly what you said He did and called you into this new career so that you would be even more effective for Him. I have known God intimately since I was 11 years old and have dreamed many dreams that as life unfolded, I started doubting and put them on the shelf. You are speaking words and striking chords that no one has been able to reach in my entire life. *tears* I think you are starting a new movement, and I am humbled to be alive to see and be part of it.Thank you so much for TRUSTING God and answering the call to your heart!