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Heroes For Her
Heroes For Her

Heroes For Her

Most women struggle with things like insecurity, comparison, or trying to measure up to the world's impossible standard of beauty. They've questioned their ability to live well, lead effectively, and own their influence to positively impact the next generation of confident, compassionate and capable women.   

Women need a place to gather, and grow, so they can guide the girls they love to know their value, live on purpose, and make the unique difference in the world they were born to make. 

Welcome to the Heroes For Her podcast with Erin Weidemann

In this podcast, Erin tackles the issues that matter most to women: the mothers and mentors of the next generation. From overcoming fear to walking in purpose to shifting the focus of feminine value from beauty to inherent worth, Erin gets real about the reality of female life and leadership. 

Join Erin as she inspires you each week by sharing personal stories as well as interviewing real women; positive role models whose lives and leadership are making a difference.

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Christine Caine: Leadership To Affect Real Change

Wondering how best to move forward in today's current cultural climate? Join Erin for a meaningful and timely conversation about social justice, leadership, motherhood and purpose with the incomparable Christine Caine; Activist, Speaker, Author and Founder of A21 and Propel Women.

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How To Increase Your Daughter's Confidence

Do you feel like your daughter's confidence is being pummeled by social media, messaging on television and advertising in general? Erin gives you the keys to protecting, guiding and boosting the inner narrative your daughter has about worth, resilience and confidence. Tune in to find out how to start increasing your daughter's confidence in three simple steps.

Introduction to Heroes For Her


In this moving and personal introductory episode, Erin Weidemann talks about how her life was rocked by the first of five cancer diagnoses which radically changed the trajectory of her life and how chasing significance over success is the key to leveraging your unique gifts for God's ultimate glory.


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In this podcast Erin Weidemann tackles the issues that matter most to women: the mother and mentors of the next generation. New episodes every Thursday starting May 21. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode!

81: Bre Robinson - Be Gone, Fear

  "You need people speaking into your world and believing in you. You need people who encourage you but also a person who's willing to pull you up out of your stuff when you're going through hard things." I'm so excited for today's episode because my guest is Breanna Robinson, an absolute light and joy and there's so much to say about her that I'm just going to get right to it. Bre is a young adult and children's ministry leader from C3 Church here in San Diego. She's also a children's book author and her book "Be Gone,Fear" equips kids to overcome their fears with God by their side. Bre's got serious passion and a fire inside her for raising up the next batch of faith filled leaders and world changers. She created The Purpose Within (@thepurposewithin), a personal development blog and platform for all young people who have a desire to dig deep, discover, and develop their purpose. In today's episode, Bre talks all about her experiences growing up as a pastor's kid (her dad came home one day when she was in 7th grade and across the dinner table told her family he was going to be a pastor) and the lessons she has learned so far in her life to help convey the importance of finding your identity, strength, and purpose in Christ alone.    Guest Information Name: Bre Robinson Website: https://www.breannarobinson.com   Social Media IG: @brerobinson_ @thepurposewithin   Hashtags #begonefear #worldchanger #thepurposewithin