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Most women struggle with things like insecurity, comparison, or trying to measure up to the world's impossible standard of beauty. They've questioned their ability to live well, lead effectively, and own their influence to positively impact the next generation of confident, compassionate and capable women.   

Women need a place to gather, and grow, so they can guide the girls they love to know their value, live on purpose, and make the unique difference in the world they were born to make. 

Welcome to the Heroes For Her podcast with Erin Weidemann

In this podcast, Erin tackles the issues that matter most to women: the mothers and mentors of the next generation. From overcoming fear to walking in purpose to shifting the focus of feminine value from beauty to inherent worth, Erin gets real about the reality of female life and leadership. 

Join Erin as she inspires you each week by sharing personal stories as well as interviewing real women; positive role models whose lives and leadership are making a difference.

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Interview with Lysa TerKeurst


Have you been wounded and hurt? Rest assured, the pain youre feeling is valid. And the resistance to forgive is normal. It's possible to feel hurt, but not live hurt. Listen in to find out how to be empowered to forgive what you can't forget.

Click HERE to learn more about Lysa TerKeurst and Proverbs 31 Ministries .

Previous Episodes

SANTA: See A Need Take Action


We have a different meaning for SANTA in our house - SANTA stands for something: See A Need Take Action. This flips the script from gimme gimme to giving giving! In this throwback episode, Erin outlines what the Santa Switch entails and how you join the Truth Becomes Her Tribe in creating a movement this Holiday Season that will be your family's favorite part of 2020. See our social media to be featured and to see how other families are adopting this concept!

Interview with Max Lucado


 Max is entering his 35th year as a published author, 140 million books in print, Max has occupied positions on every major national bestseller list. His writing has been translated into more than 54 languages and most recently during the COVID crisis, Max has become a really rich source of pastoral wisdom via daily video check-ins and virtual messages. He continues to serve as Teaching Minister at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX.

Learn more about Bible Belles and Erin's new book, Ringleaders, HERE.  

Love God, Love Your Neighbor


How stressed are you, mama? Is the political climate in this country just about driving you crazy? In her most transparent and raw episode yet, Erin gets real and offers real solutions in the wake of the elections.

Resources to help your children be the solution and channel your concerns:
What Is Ignite: https://youtu.be/goZzMiXtBb4
Student testimonial - what kids don't learn on mission trips: https://youtu.be/DJzkzocJMqY
Part of Ignite - the Social Innovation Challenge: https://youtu.be/372EZ-4u6Rc 

Interview with Bethany Hamilton

Erin Weidemann and World Famous Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton discuss women in leadership and being led well and leading well as a mother is a process and a work in progress.

Nona Jones: A Statistically Improbable Product of Grace

Nona Jones is an author, speaker, and head of Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook. At a young age, Nona was living a life of despair and hopelessness. She felt abandoned, unwanted, not valued. Didn't grow up in a Christian home. In the 6th grade, a friend invited her to church and it changed her life. Listen to her story and glean from her incredible wisdom both in business and in life.

Orientation - Giving Her a Lay of the Land

Do the girls you lead ever question their value and effectiveness? Well, the science proves it: your girl has been specifically wired and designed by God with intentionality and a unique purpose. The more we can understand how girls and women are oriented, the better we can help the young women we lead understand themselves and their wiring as women so they can be authentic in their leadership. Erin unpacks the keys to unlock and engage the unique wiring God created in your girl, and to harness what are truly SUPER powers! This is a super fun, scientifically-backed and biblically supported episode packed full of help for the ladies leading tomorrow's women!

Heather Lindsey: Obedience in the Gap

What do you do when God has told you something and then you have to wait? Do you ever wonder if He truly called you to something? Be assured, mamas: surrender and obedience in the gap between what He called you to, and the harvest of what He planted in you is the key to living to see the promise fulfilled. Listen in as Heather Lindsey shares her story of the process God took her through to walk in the ministry she serves today. Hint: Everything is ministry.

How to Develop the Skill of Vulnerability

How comfortable are you being open, honest, and willing to share? Vulnerability creates a culture of openness and authenticity inside our relationships. Don't we want (and need) that type of culture inside our relationships with the young women we lead? Learn what it takes to make the relationship with the girl you lead a space safe to share - where feelings and fears belong and can be worked through together. Gain a practical framework for creating authentic connection with those you lead.

Bianca Olthoff : Don't Back Down

Do you wonder if God is calling you to do something specific? Are you wondering if maybe it's just a bad burrito? We have our favorite Mexi-Rican Sister Bianca Olthoff this week sharing practical tools you can do TODAY to take action in what God is calling you to. What does it mean to 'get your feet wet', and how to trust God and push past in our doubt, skepticism and fear. Hear Bianca's 3-Step Process.

The Skill Every Female Leader Must Master

How do we raise girls who will notice when another image-bearer is in need of love and kindness AND then step in to do something about it? How do we raise our girls to lead with love? We can start by teaching our girls that leadership is so much more than simply being in charge or telling people what to do. We need to teach them one of the most important skills every great leader needs: Encouragement. Also, register for our Women's Leadership Conference, you can watch it at ANYTIME and can do so here: https://courses.truthbecomesher.com/a/33046/HBvhK8TM and learn how YOU can Own Your Influence well, no matter where God has placed you!

Lisa Bevere - Every Woman Needs A Godmother

The ultimate Godmother herself is sharing deep wisdom on womanhood, motherhood, wife-life, and spiritual maturity with total transparency. Join Erin and one of her dearest friends and mentors, Lisa Bevere, as Lisa shares what Godmothering means for her in this season and how to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations. Also: Join Lisa and Erin in an incredible lineup of speakers for the Own Your Influence Women's Leadership Conference on September 26th with unlimited replay access after the day of the event. Get 10% off with code: ERIN10 Link Here: https://courses.truthbecomesher.com/a/33046/HBvhK8TM
How does God's design of women matter to owning our influence well? This week Erin shares with anyone leading or mentoring girls how to best embody leadership as women under God's authority. The question is not "What do I say?" but "What do I do?" Listen in as you discover tangible ways to help the young women we lead take the ANSWERS to life's most important questions and put them into ACTION.

Lisa Harper - Glory In His Grace

This week is going to simultaneously BLESS YOU AND BLOW YOUR MIND. Lisa Harper will make you laugh and cry in this week's episode. They discuss how to operate from an identity of God's Truth about us, instead of an identity of brokenness. Lisa shares how she stopped processing biblical truths through a grid of shame and what to do if you have a God dream and others' limitations are putting a lid on you. Listen in as Lisa talks about how to create your story out of God's story for you, and what God says about women. BONUS FUN TIME: Rooney and Missy interview each other!

Why Women Should Not Lead By Example

Do you feel like leadership has been equated with dominance and leading LOUDLY? Erin unpacks why women should not lead from what they have seen as examples, but to lead from how God designed them. Leading from God's authority and not our own is the key to healthy and effective leadership. BONUS: Action items and engaging activities to do throughout the week with the girl(s) you mentor and guide.

Sheryl Brady: Change Your Heart to Change The World

Want to change the world? Change your heart. Listen in as Pastor Sheryl Brady drops incredible wisdom about how to lay your heart on the altar and wake up to what God has for you. This episode will inspire and activate you in a special way. Grab a pen, you're gonna want to take notes!

The Art of Hallway Praising

Do you worry when you have one door close and another one has yet to open? Listen in as Erin shares the art of 'hallway praising'! Practical tools to help you master and model waiting well to the girls in your life, this is going to be so helpful during uncertain seasons for you AND your girl!

Parent's Guide for Setting Up School at Home


If you just got notice from your child's school that they'll be distance learning this Fall; you're not alone. Listen in to a previously-recorded training Erin shared, giving you access to free downloadable PDFs, and practical tools to utilize them. If your mama soul is weary, soak in Erin's teacher-training and encouragement to gear up for a Back-To-School season unlike any other. 

I created a free download PDF for you with my Top 6 Tips for Setting up a Temporary School situation in your home that maintains your peace, sanity, and keeps your students positively moving through their studies and getting done what they need to accomplish. Grab this free download PDF Complimentary Class Schedule to help you stay organized too!

This is exactly why this community exists: to give you ideas, resources, and help when you need it.  

Cheering you on!


Rebekah Lyons: Total Surrender=Total Peace

Erin and Rebekah get real and raw as they discuss the lies we believe and the truth of what God has taught them about motherhood and marriage. You are not alone, and this is not the end of the story.
Do you want to be catapulted into your calling and operate fully in your purpose? If you want to see crazy amazing growth and promotion in your life, listen in to hear the linchpin to unleashing God's favor on your life.

Katherine Wolf: Joy In The Journey

Are you in a season of terrible suffering? Do you live in fear of what the future holds and the uncertainty that surrounds us? Then listen in as Katherine Wolf shares how the unthinkable threatened to unravel her world and how she redefined her world by choosing joy.

Three Reasons Women Need Real Community

Has your daughter experienced emotional hardship out of the loss of social interactions and lack of in-person community? Listen in and find out why it is so important to not just have friends but to engulf yourself inside of community and why modeling it for your daughter (and WITH your daughter) is life-changing for both of you. Hear the 3 keys to unlock true intimacy with God through the container of community.

Jennie Lusko: The Fight to Flourish

Have you had a trial overwhelm you? Join Erin and Jennie Lusko as they discuss experiencing joy in the midst of trials. Listen in as Jennie shares her story, and how the adventure of life doesn't go as planned; how to commit to the fight to flourish.

The Key To Unlocking Your Daughter's True Potential

Does your daughter or the girl you lead have heroes in her life, other than you? For girls, positive role models are some of the best sources of inspiration and wisdom to help them understand how God wants to use them powerfully in His story. But where are they, and how do you get them in your girl's life? In this episode Erin shares three quick tips on how to build a supportive network of positive women around your girl.

Mandisa: Transformation Through The Struggle

Have you ever struggled with depression? Do you love someone who does? In this episode Mandisa talks with Erin about her dark seasons and how God brings transformation through discomfort. Listen in as Mandisa shares what pulled her out of the dark and into the light, gives practical and biblical advice for those struggling, and those that love them.

3 Reminders About Real Beauty

Do things like media, ever-changing cultural trends, and your own inner voice affect how you view yourself? How about your daughter? In this week's episode Erin identifies 3 foundational truths about God's definition of true beauty so you can find out what developing your girl's character looks like when you build it from the inside out.

Christine Caine: Leadership To Affect Real Change

Wondering how best to move forward in today's current cultural climate? Join Erin for a meaningful and timely conversation about social justice, leadership, motherhood and purpose with the incomparable Christine Caine; Activist, Speaker, Author and Founder of A21 and Propel Women.

How To Increase Your Daughter's Confidence

Do you feel like your daughter's confidence is being pummeled by social media, messaging on television and advertising in general? Erin gives you the keys to protecting, guiding and boosting the inner narrative your daughter has about worth, resilience and confidence. Tune in to find out how to start increasing your daughter's confidence in three simple steps.

Introduction to Heroes For Her


In this moving and personal introductory episode, Erin Weidemann talks about how her life was rocked by the first of five cancer diagnoses which radically changed the trajectory of her life and how chasing significance over success is the key to leveraging your unique gifts for God's ultimate glory.


Heroes for Her Trailer

In this podcast Erin Weidemann tackles the issues that matter most to women: the mother and mentors of the next generation. New episodes every Thursday starting May 21. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode!

81: Bre Robinson - Be Gone, Fear

  "You need people speaking into your world and believing in you. You need people who encourage you but also a person who's willing to pull you up out of your stuff when you're going through hard things." I'm so excited for today's episode because my guest is Breanna Robinson, an absolute light and joy and there's so much to say about her that I'm just going to get right to it. Bre is a young adult and children's ministry leader from C3 Church here in San Diego. She's also a children's book author and her book "Be Gone,Fear" equips kids to overcome their fears with God by their side. Bre's got serious passion and a fire inside her for raising up the next batch of faith filled leaders and world changers. She created The Purpose Within (@thepurposewithin), a personal development blog and platform for all young people who have a desire to dig deep, discover, and develop their purpose. In today's episode, Bre talks all about her experiences growing up as a pastor's kid (her dad came home one day when she was in 7th grade and across the dinner table told her family he was going to be a pastor) and the lessons she has learned so far in her life to help convey the importance of finding your identity, strength, and purpose in Christ alone.    Guest Information Name: Bre Robinson Website: https://www.breannarobinson.com   Social Media IG: @brerobinson_ @thepurposewithin   Hashtags #begonefear #worldchanger #thepurposewithin

80: Jonathan Pitts - Emptied

"The opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference." Elie Weisel If you've been here for a while, know that we don't usually interview men on this show (Quick shout out to past guest guys like Joel Smallbone and Van Moody). Most of our guests are female because one of our main goals is to highlight positive role models for girls and that means, most of the time, those role models are women. But we're switching things up for today's show, and I'll tell you right now -- this one's gonna be a tough and emotional one for me. When Brent and I got started in ministry and trying to impact girls, come alongside and support them to walk in their God-given identities, we started to reach out to a lot of different people mostly because we were entering uncharted territory for us. We had both spent time working in the professional world. So we started to branch out and build relationships with lots of people all over the place - church leaders, people in the book publishing and media industries and we found so many amazing people who helped us, supported us and as you know even now the circle of folks who have dedicated their lives to helping girls follow Jesus, be who God made them to be, that circle is a small one but we did find one couple we immediately gravitated to and became friends with for a lot of reasons - Jonathan and Wynter Pitts. And while I wish Wynter could be here with us (Be sure to go back and listen to her episode - it's #71), I'm so excited to have Jonathan here for this interview because I know you're going to be blessed by this conversation. Father to four girls, Alena, Kaity, Camryn and Olivia, Jonathan's heart for God and his girls is so inspirational. To me, he is a modern hero of faith whose friendship has meant so much to our family. Don't miss today's episode. It's gonna bless you to hear all about how the Pitts family is adjusting to life in Tennessee after moving there from Texas. Any Friday Night Lights fans out there? #texasforever He also shares a lot about what the Lord is showing him in this season and all about the book he and Wynter wrote together (JP sent in the final manuscript for #Emptiedbook the day Wynter passed away). He's sharing details and insights for how to approach marriage with intentionality, sacrificial love, and the grace that covers it when we get it wrong. Other questions from today's episode include: Do you feel like the approach to marriage that you and Wynter took relieved any pressure of you feeling like all the other married people were doing it better? What has it meant to you to carry Wynter's legacy forward - not just in your shared approach to marriage - but the impact she had in her ministry for girls all over the world? What's up next for you and the girls and how can we be praying for you? All our married, soon-to-be-married, and single people looking to marry one day, be sure to get over to emptiedbook.com watch the video and download the F R E E devotional. You will NOT regret it!

79: How To Shine Bright This Christmas

Rooney and I stopped by HomeGoods a few days ago to get some Christmas placemats for our kitchen table. It took all but five seconds before she abandoned our hunt and went meandering down the toy aisles that were overflowing with 'stuff'.  She walked with purpose up and down each section, pointing out toys and games and figurines and dolls and cribs for the dolls and strollers for the dolls that were all going on her Christmas list. Hold on a second. In our house, we haven't really decided on the Santa thing in general. She asked me about it last year and I told her the truth. "The people who love you have purchased these gifts for you. Now, let's write our thank you notes."   We don't really have a clear-cut approach to this whole Santa business, but we definitely have not discussed writing out an entire list of things we want for ourselves. Moms, even though we battle cultural norms DAILY -- like selfishness over service-- can we still be intentional about flipping the focus this Christmas? You bet we can.  As a family, we've been having a blast doing the SANTA Switch this month to get ready for Christmas! I seriously can't tell you how uplifting it has been these last few weeks. A BIG thank you to every one of you who sent in stories of how your family is noticing the needs of others and taking action to meet those needs. It's so cool.  In my original podcast episode from a few weeks ago, I talked about our family's first entry in our SANTA Switch journal where we had to track down a homeless man outside of the grocery store down the street from my parents' house while we were there visiting. Check it out here. Need some inspiration? Here are a three stories from last week to get your creative juices flowing.  :) November 11, 2018 Today is Veteran's Day. While we were sitting in church we watched a video that paid tribute to the men and women of our military. Our pastor asked all of the veterans to raise their hands so we could honor them as a church family. My husband elbowed me. "I want to ask the people sitting in front of us who raised their hands if we can take them to lunch after church," he whispered. Once the service was over, he got their attention and asked if they wanted to go. They did! So we met them at In N Out down the street, chatting with them over hamburgers. Jim was from Indiana and lives with his wife just a little south of us. Tony had just moved here from Detroit and he'd only been in town for two days so far. It was great getting to know that they hadn't been attending our church for that long. They also showed us how to order Flying Dutchmans off of In N Out's secret menu. :) November 26, 2018 I was in New York City with my husband last week. We were walking down the street on the way to Times Square to decide where we should eat lunch. We noticed a mama, standing on the sidewalk in front of us. She was holding her infant son. It was cold and windy, and the baby had no hat. My husband was holding his new beanie in his hands when we saw her. He walked straight over to the woman and gave her the hat for her baby. November 28, 2018 We were driving to Home Depot to get our Christmas tree. On the opposite side of the street, going the other direction, an ambulance passed us with its lights flashing and its sirens going off. After a few moments, my daughter (totally on her own) said, "Hey, we need to pray for those people the ambulance is going to help." We prayed together in the car for wherever that ambulance was headed and for healing and safety for whoever was involved. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:35 It's not too late for you to hop on board the SANTA Switch Express! Start this fun and intentional Christmas tradition with your family. All you need is a journal, something to write with, and a commitment to notice the needs you see out in the world and do something about meeting them. Seriously, who's in? Keep it simple and let me know in the comments below where God leads your family as you look for people to bless. Have an awesome day! If you're looking for ways to develop your daughter's character and faith in God, check out my book series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz. It offers a simple, five-step approach to character development that will help you strengthen her identity and increase her confidence. I just released a brand new series devotional. You can get your copy by clicking here.

EP: 78 Elizabeth Schenkel - On The Edge


77: Erin Weidemann - See A Need. Take Action.

"See A Need. Take Action."  My guest for today's episode is absolutely no one. Friends, it's just me. I wanted to discuss a topic that's been on my heart for the last several months.  Over the summer I was asked to write an article for the Christmas issue of World Vision magazine and talk about how all of us can do something powerful in the world when we operate from a place of radical generosity. As I brainstormed what to write about, I thought about a sweet little book Rooney has in her room about St. Nicholas of Myra. We read it here and there throughout the year, but now it carries a special meaning for our family this holiday season. The book tells the story of the 4th century Christian bishop who inspired the Christmas gift-giving character of Santa Claus. Born in Patara, a land that is part of present-day Turkey, circa 280 A.D., a man left with a large sum of money when his parents passed away used it to help the poor. After his own death in 344, the legend of his generosity grew. St. Nicholas transformed into the fabled character Santa Claus, the beloved old man who brings presents to children around the world on Christmas Eve. Over the years, while advertising and culture have popularized the image of the jolly, red-suited sleigh operator, many influences have made Santa what he is today. It's surprising how easy it can be to get caught up in the commercialization of Christmas and lose sight of what is truly important. I'm guilty of working tirelessly to try and set the right tone and atmosphere for my family during the holiday, without thinking beyond what lies inside and what hangs outside the four walls of our home. We end up devoting a lot of time and energy into placing decorations, preparing events, preserving traditions and planning meaningful experiences for those closest to us, all the while missing the real blessing that comes from thinking like the original St. Nick. If we aren't careful, our attention can quickly switch to a focus on what we want, leaving little room for thinking of others and what they need. This year, our family decided to take a few intentional steps back to realign our hearts with the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of the legendary gift-giver. We wanted to make some changes this holiday season to awaken the joy that comes with generosity. It was time to decide, as a family, how we could ask, "What can we give?" instead of, "What can we get?" So we decided to do what I'm calling a SANTA Switch.  See A Need. Take Action. We're going to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by:  1) encouraging each other to notice the needs of others and then 2) empowering each other to meet those needs Check out today's episode to find out how you can make the SANTA Switch a fun and intentional Christmas tradition that flips the focus from "What can I get?" to "What can I GIVE?"

76: Christy Fay: Your Soul On Fire

"Jesus is everything. The faster you figure out that you can't do it on your own, and that you need him, the far better off you'll be." Today's guest is Christy Fay. Alongside her husband, Christy co-pastors Arcadia City Church in the Phoenix area. She loves seeing people engage with Jesus and their communities.  There is nothing she would rather do than partner with God in the restorative work He is doing in the world.  She's got four children and a husband who make her world go round. Other than her role as God's daughter, image-bearer, and Kingdom warrior, she feels most proud to be a wife and mom.  She's the author of two studies, Reclaimed: Uncovering Your Worth, which centers on the five women in the lineage of Jesus and I Have To: Chasing What Sets Your Soul on Fire, a journey through the Scriptures that helps us find that "thing" that God designed us to do. Christy discusses the challenges she faced during her younger years and how they prepared her for life as an adult woman who wants to walk in her purpose. She has a lot of advice for the moms out there who want to guide their children to pursue their kingdom assignments and prioritize eternity over earthly success.

75: Stacey Thacker - When Grace Walks In

"If you just show up, lead yourself to Jesus, surrender your daughter, and do the best that you can, that is all the Lord asks of us." Today's guest is Stacey Thacker. We had Stacey on the show last year and she's back to share some updates with us. Stacey's a wife and the mother of four girls. The author of six books, she is also a Bible teacher and loves to connect with women and encourage them in their walks with God. You can find her blogging at staceythacker.com and hanging out on Instagram (@staceythacker), usually with a cup of coffee in her hand. Last time Stacey and I saw each other was the first time we had ever actually met in person. I was in Dallas speaking for Dare to Dream and she happened to be there speaking at First Euless Church and I got to attend. It was also the last time we both got to see our dear friend, Wynter, in person. I just cherish that night so deeply. Stacey's been through a lot in the last couple of years. Her husband, Mike, experienced an extreme medical emergency early last year, and we talked about how God showed up as Stacey did her best to navigate herself and her daughters through so many unknowns. Her personal and professional responsibilities shifted a lot over the last several months, and she released the second resource in the Girlfriends' Guide to the Bible study last month, "When Grace Walks In," which focuses on the book of Ephesians. Stacey expertly teaches through Paul's letter so that women can better understand the story of God's rescue of His people, but also how the gospel should affect our lives and inform our decisions.

EP 74: Yewande O'Neal - Walking in Purpose

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."   Today's guest is Yewande O'Neal, a passionate advocate for people to discover who they were created to be. Yewande loves to see people walk in their God given purpose and do it with excellence. She lives to seek God's kingdom first, and doing so has transformed her life in many ways, which you'll hear about today.   Yewande started her career in the corporate world with the General Electric Company. She earned numerous awards and certifications in her 12 years with GE. She climbed the leadership ladder and became Executive General Manager, leading over 200 employees all over the world.   After working in the corporate world for several years, Yewande felt God tug her heart and she founded Women of Kairos in 2015 - Non-profit organization focused on helping women move into and in their purpose. I'm honored to be speaking at this year's Women of Kairos conference on October 13th in Atlanta.  

EP 73: Sarah Bragg - Brave and Kind

"For the sake of your kids, your future kids, you have to stop."    Today's guest is Sarah Bragg. Sarah lives in Georgia with her husband Scott and their two beautiful girls, Sinclair and Rory. She worked in full-time ministry for more than 8 years and then alongside those who are in the ministry trenches for more than 10 years with Orange. She's a graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary and author of the book, Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves.    She is currently Orange's content director for the Live a Better Story small group curriculum. You can also find her on iTunes hosting one of my favorite podcasts -- Surviving Sarah -- where she has great conversations with different people in order to help women enjoy and survive where they are in life.    During today's episode, Sarah and I catch up about what's going on over at the Bragg house for back to school, what the transitions to the 3rd and 5th grades has been like for her girls, and the simple motto she used to send her kids off to school this year: "Be brave. Be kind."   Sarah unpacks her earlier challenges with identity and body image and reveals how the Lord walked alongside her through periods of struggle. She also shares how her writing and professional work impacts her approach to parenting her girls.   There is a ton of wisdom in this week's interview. Don't miss it!

EP 72: Lauren Green McAfee - Only One Life

"Faith is a muscle, and it needs exercise."   My guest today is Lauren Green McAfee. Lauren is a third generation member of the Green Family- founders of Hobby Lobby and the Museum of the Bible. While pursuing her graduate degrees in pastoral counseling and theology, Lauren worked at Museum of the Bible from its founding days, until its opening in Washington DC late last year. Today, she works at Hobby Lobby as Corporate Ambassador and is also pursuing her PHD in Ethics and Public Policy. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, Michael.   Lauren has spent considerable time studying the topic of legacy and the idea that each of us can play a unique and irreplaceable role in God's story. In today's episode, she talks about why she feels it's important to address legacy today, particularly as it relates to women.   She challenges women to live with their legacy in mind in a book she wrote in partnership with her mom, Jackie. Only One Life: How a Woman's Every Day Shapes an Eternal Legacy tells the stories of world-changing women, both past and present. She learned a lot after examining the lives of these women, and you will be blessed to hear what she found out.   I hope today's interview inspires you to leave a lasting legacy for Jesus, no matter where life takes you.   You only have one, so make it count.

EP 71: Wynter Pitts - She Is Yours

"Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?"  Proverbs 8:1 When I slow down and consider all of the people I've met since we began this ministry/company, there are a few special people whose voices ring with genuine wisdom and the incomparable truth found in God's Word. They are the voices that I was looking for as a mama. Above the roar of culture, they are the voices our girls need to hear. They are powerful weapons in the fight for our girls. My dear friend Wynter Pitts had a voice like that, and she used it to empower parents to lead their daughters to Christ and encourage girls to live with the gospel at the center of everything.  When she suddenly passed away less than two weeks ago, the girl ministry community, as well as my own home and family, were rocked. But what began in sadness and confusion ended with incredible peace and a rallying by the body of Christ unlike any that I have ever seen.  On behalf of the team at Bible Belles, it is my honor to re-release the interview I did with Wynter a few months ago. It's title, "She Is Yours," carries with it special meaning for me today, as I think about every girl who was and will be affected by Wynter's words and life, and as I think about my sweet friend who is now safe in the arms of Jesus, the One to whom she belongs. Lord, she is Yours. We celebrate her today, and we carry her legacy into tomorrow.

EP 70: Christine Caine - Embrace the Unexpected

"Be unoffendable. In the words of Taylor Swift, shake it off."    Today's guest is Christine Caine. Christine is someone I admire and respect so much in the arenas of leadership, influence and encouraging women. She is an Australian-born, Greek-blooded lover of Jesus, activist, author and international speaker. Her primary passion is to make Jesus' last command her first priority by giving her all to see the lost saved and to build the local church - globally. She has a passion for justice, and together with her husband, Nick, founded the anti-human trafficking organization, The A21 Campaign. In 2015, they founded Propel Women, an organization designed to honor the calling of every woman, empower her to lead, equip her for success, and develop a sense of God-given purpose. She's known around the world as a passionate communicator of God's word and his love.    Much of the work Christine does through A21 and Propel Women revolves around empowering women. In today's episode, you'll find out why she is so committed to those causes and how much it means to her that A21 just received the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice "for providing the three essentials - food, water and clothing to refugees and for raising awareness against human trafficking."    Christine and I have thyroid cancer in common. I was diagnosed first in 2007 and I know from experience how shocking, scary, and unexpected that kind of news can be. Christine's diagnosis came in 2014 and she explains what it was like for her and what God showed her during that season. Her newest book, Unexpected, addresses fear of all kinds and how it can get in the way of us fulfilling our God-given destinies. 

EP 69: Michayla White - We Go Forward

"Keep it simple. Focus on God and focus on loving others."   Today's guest is Michayla White. As the Executive Director for International Network of Children's Ministry, Michayla oversees and provides guidance for initiatives that inspire and equip the kidmin community. For the past eleven years, she has had the privilege of working in children's and family ministry. Prior to joining INCM, she served at a non-profit children's ministry organization in various capacities like media production, digital strategy, conferences, partnerships, and ministry program design. Michayla has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with specializations in Christian Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University. Michayla is married to her best friend and childhood sweetheart Stephen. They are having a blast raising two little boys.   Michayla's passion for children's ministry started in middle school. Growing up, she was always involved in pretty much every aspect of her church's kidmin efforts. Those experiences, and serving alongside her parents, ignited a burning passion in her heart to continue serving those who serve children and families. Her leadership and heart for women in ministry inspires me, and I believe her voice will be an important one as we move into the future and watch more women lead and lead well. 

EP 68: Melanie Mudge - Translating Culture

"For every one look we take at ourselves and the culture, we have to take ten looks at Christ." -Elizabeth Elliott, Keep a Quiet Heart Today's guest is Melanie Mudge. Melanie is originally from Albuquerque, NM, and she currently lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with her husband Josh and their two dogs, Diesel and Denali. Great names. As I prepped for this interview, I learned that Melanie loves cooking Paleo (bless her and anyone else with the ability to cook - I cannot relate), she's on Pinterest and has so many craft goals, and that she hopes to someday beat her mom at tennis.  After graduating from the University of New Mexico, she made her way to Manitou Springs, CO to be on summer staff with Summit Ministries, and it was through that experience that she got connected with Axis - which is an incredible organization that works to resource parents and faith leaders to disciple and create legacies of lasting faith for kids. She's the editor of The Culture Translator weekly email, and the writer and editor of Parent Guides.  Find out about all this and more during today's episode. 

EP 67: Rebecca_Farris - Well Planned Gal

"It may be that the souls of all children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living."  - Charlotte Mason   My guest for today's episode is Rebecca Farris. As C.E.O. of Home Educating Family Association, Rebecca inspires and supports thousands of homeschool moms each year through her speaking, talk show, daily planners, magazines, and online resources. Each year Rebecca uses her platform as the Well Planned Gal to share her inspirational story of grace. Challenging women to discover the unique journey God has for them, Rebecca mentors women in their work, marriage, parenting adventures, and life. Her personal journey and day-to-day activities can be found in the pages of Family Magazine, on wellplannedgal.com, and through social media.   Today, Rebecca explains why she describes her childhood as unusual, and how she wasn't exactly a fan of homeschooling when she was the student. She breaks down why she had a change of heart about home education and how the Lord showed her how to balance keeping her home in order, maintaining multiple businesses, and homeschooling her children all at the same time. Her passion is to encourage homeschool families and create resources that make life organized, creative, and fun.

EP 66: Glynnis Whitwer - She Speaks

"Just because a publisher is saying no doesn't mean that God is saying no."  My guest for today's episode is Glynnis Whitwer. Glynnis is on staff with Proverbs 31 Ministries as Executive Director of Communications. She currently oversees and writes for the Proverbs 31 devotions, Encouragement for Today, with over 1 million daily readers. She also oversees content for the First 5 app with 2 million downloads, manages the content for She Speaks Writer and Speakers Conference and oversees COMPEL Writing Training.  Over the years, God has had Glynnis in a variety of roles: career woman, stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom. She's led ministry inside and outside her home. Consistently over the last 15 years, writing has been an important part of her life. Recently though, she realized that God was calling her into a new season with P31. During today's episode, Glynnis breaks down how she knew that God wanted her to switch gears and what she's enjoyed most about working with P31. She also shares all the details for the 2018 She Speaks Conference and the brand-new intensive program called She Speaks Studio.  

EP 65: Crystal Stine - Holy Hustle

"The work is good, and the rest is holy. Be still." Yes! Today's guest is Heroes For Her alumna, Crystal Stine. We had Crystal on the show back in March 2016 and I love that we got to catch up today because so much has happened since our original interview. Crystal makes her living as a writer. She's the author of "Creative Basics: 30 Days to Awesome Social Media Art," creator of the popular "Clarity Coaching" Course, editor of "Craving Connection" and host of the annual Write 31 Days challenge. Most recently, she is encouraging women everywhere to pursue holy hustle - a work hard, rest well lifestyle that chases faith instead of fame. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Matt and their six-year-old daughter, Madi. Some generations pride themselves on their strong work ethic. Other generations chase happiness. The "world" promotes 24/7 hustle as a necessity to success, while Christians avoid the word and prefer rest. Crystal's been working to unpack what "hustle" truly means and why it shouldn't be feared, using Scripture, personal stories, and reader reflections. I'm so excited for you to hear today's episode. 

EP 64: Shaunti Feldhahn- Finding Rest

"We can find rest for our 'inner souls'?a place of true, Christ-centered peace and joy. It really is possible." ?   Today's guest is Shaunti Feldhahn. Shaunti is a popular speaker, best-selling author, and groundbreaking social researcher. Her findings have been featured in media as diverse as Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, the New York Times and Cosmo. With a master's degree from Harvard University, Shaunti has worked on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Now she applies her analytical skills to helping people and relationships thrive. She and her husband, Jeff, live in Atlanta with their two children.   Shaunti's journey with the Lord has inspired her research over many years. Recently, she's been studying both what the Bible says and what science says about finding true rest as it relates to the stress and worry we face as women.   We know that being "busy" has become a status symbol in American life, but the fact is that for women there's no avoiding it.  How can we manage to rest well amidst all of our roles and responsibilities? Shaunti teamed up with iDisciple to create Find Rest: A Women's Devotional For Lasting Peace In a Busy Life, one of the most important and stunningly beautiful devotionals I've ever read. It's a cross between a devotional, journal, bible study and a simple resource that covers the topic of rest. The devotional contains eight essential elements for rest. Build only on Rock ? Live according to your design ? Set aside superwoman ? Connect with God ? Shift your perspective ? Create life-giving relationships ? Walk in obedience ? Have no fear ?   I loved my conversation with Shaunti today and I know you will too.

EP 63: Bob Lepine - Like Arrows

"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth." -Psalm 127:4   Today's guest is Bob Lepine. Bob is Senior Vice President of FamilyLife, as well as co-host of FamilyLife Today®, their nationally syndicated radio program. He is a veteran of Christian radio, working for local radio stations in Tulsa, Phoenix, Sacramento, and San Antonio before joining FamilyLife in 1992.   He is the author of The Christian Husband and the on-air voice for "Truth for Life" with Alistair Begg (@alistair_begg_truthforlife ). Bob also serves on the Board of Directors for National Religious Broadcasters (@nrbassociation ). He and his wife, Mary Ann, live in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have five children and a growing number of grandkids.     Bob's work has taken him all over the world for many years, and he does more traveling now that his kids are grown. As a parent and grandparent, it has meant the world to him to be a part of FamilyLife teams and projects over the years that are helping to strengthen families across the globe.   In May 2018, FamilyLife is launching its first full-length feature movie, Like Arrows. It started as a parenting resource, and in today's episode Bob shares what it was like taking it all the way to the big screen. The movie's title, Like Arrows, is drawn from a passage in Scripture, Psalm 127:3-5.   Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! Parenting is a blessing, and it's also a great responsibility. We are called to raise the children God has given us and launch them with aim into the world. Brent and I were blessed to be able to watch Like Arrows a few weeks ago and it affected both of us in several ways. What an incredible power we have as parents to shape the next generation!   The two-day release of Like Arrows is May 1 and 3 and you can head to http://familylifeministries.org/likearrows/ to view the trailer, find a theatre near you, and purchase tickets.   Do not miss this movie. It's a powerful and relatable story that I know will inspire and help families with the parenting challenges they are facing at home.

EP 62: Tammy Hotsenpiller - Your Story Counts

"Smart people put smarter people around them." My guest for today's episode is Tammy Hotsenpiller. Tammy is an author, speaker, life coach and leader of a national women's movement. She is the president of Total Life Coach - a coaching company that emphasizes life balance, purpose and reinvention. Tammy is also the founder and executive director of Women of Influence?an organization that seeks to educate and empower women in their spheres of influence - very near and dear to our hearts. Her passion is for equipping others to embrace their natural abilities, personal passions, and spiritual gifts.   The highlights from today's episode are the stories! God has a story for all of us. We can look back through our lives and see where he has been at work, but we also need to look ahead and see what story he is writing about the days to come. Tammy shares some unbelievable stories about her own journey of faith - how God got a hold of her heart when she was young and she felt his tugging on a mission trip to Haiti. She shares how prayer has been a powerful component to strengthen her relationship with the Lord and how finding time to be with God has impacted her life in powerful ways.   As women, when we embrace our stories, we find freedom, purpose and our ability to influence future generations.   

EP 61: Arlene Pellicane - Healthy Connection

"Look up to God, not down at your phone, and enjoy the view." My guest for today's episode is Arlene Pellicane. Arlene is a speaker, author, media personality, and blogger. She has written six books including on of my favorites, Growing Up Social (which she wrote with Dr. Gary Chapman). Arlene has appeared on the Today Show, Focus on the Family, Fox & Friends, and Family Life Today among many others and has written for several national magazines. She is a graduate from Biola and Regent Universities. Before becoming a speaker and author, she served as a features reporter for The 700 Club and associate director for Turning Point Television with David Jeremiah. Arlene lives in a happy home in San Diego with her husband James and kids Ethan, Noelle, and Lucy. Welcome Arlene and I first met when she was presenting a parenting workshop at Rock Church in San Diego. I was so inspired by what she shared that I refer to her often when I am talking with parents about kids and technology. Today Arlene shares why she felt inspired to research and write about families and our screen-driven world, as well as practical tips for both children and parents to become more disciplined in their use of technology, build stronger face-to-face relationships, and create positive digital habits in their lives. 

EP 60: Wynter Pitts- She Is Yours

"Lord, she is Yours and I trust You with her." My guest for today's episode is Wynter Pitts. Wynter is the founder of For Girls Like You Magazine and the author of several amazing resources that are very popular in the Weidemann household - For Girls Like You, You're God's Girl Devotionals For Tweens and She is Yours- Trusting God as You Raise the Girl He Gave You. She is the proud wife of Jonathan and mom of four girls. Wynter has made it her mission is to empower and equip girls to walk boldly into becoming who God has created them to be (sound familiar?) and to provide parents with the resources and support needed to raise strong Christ followers. That's the goal: to walk alongside our girls as they live out their God-breathed destinies. To do that, we've got to remember that everything we have belongs to God, even them. Check out today's episode, "She Is Yours."

EP 59: Jenni Catron - Own Your Influence

"If we're intentional to invest in the people that we have influence with right now, it is powerful." My guest today is Jenni Catron. We had Jenni on the podcast about a year ago (Episode 32 - for quick reference) and it's an honor to welcome her back and hear about what she's been up to since then. Jenni's got a lot going on - she is a writer, speaker, and leadership expert and her passion is to lead well and to inspire, equip and encourage others to do the same.  Listen in for Jenni's answers to the following questions:  Why do you feel like God called you to study leadership and work to equip leaders with the tools they need to be effective?  Where is your work as a leadership expert taking you these days?  What's been a recent memorable team or group of leaders you've worked with?  What trends do you see in the space of women and leadership? What are you noticing about women in the work you do?  How do you see what you've learned over the past several years translating to women who have yet to grow up (the next generation of female leaders)?  Who are the people who have had the greatest impact on not only the work you do but the person you are?  Something you said the last time you were here really stuck with me. It was "if you want to lead people, you have to learn how to love people."  How do you see that applying to women in leadership and the roles God has carved out for them?

EP 58: Manna Ko - Made For More

"Joyful and free." My guest for today's episode is an incomparable woman and my dear friend, Manna Ko. Manna is a Visionary, CEO and FOUNDER of several companies, and Strategic Partner to many others. She's been speaking internationally for decades, sharing her passion to teach, stretch, and equip others to live-out their gifts in a world hungry for authentic, honorable, and meaningful leadership and relationships. Now with almost thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, she's worked with hundreds of different businesses and organizations, and guided even more individuals seeking personal excellence. Her passion is to help people thrive their calling, live extraordinary lives, prosper through chaos, be a forerunner with unseen opportunities, lead under pressure, and deliver results.  Manna's experiences have taken her many places, and he faith has grown tremendously her life's journey. She shares how she has seen God at work throughout her life and through writing down her own story, an autobiographical novel. Don't miss today's episode, "Made For More." 

EP 57: Ellise_Boggs - Lead With Peace

"Lead with peace." My guest for today's episode is the amazing Elise Boggs. We had Elise on the podcast about a year ago and I'm honored that she's back dive deeper into her passion: to equip the next generation of marketplace leaders to change the world. As a university professor and accomplished coach, Elise has trained leaders in industries ranging from non-profits and government to medicine and the military. She's worked in the United States as well as led teams all over the world including the United Kingdom, India, South Africa and Australia. Last time Elise was here, we talked mostly about emotional intelligence which is a key component to great leadership. If you missed that episode, you can scroll back through our past episodes and EP 20. Questions Elise answers during today's interview are below. Do you feel that every person has the potential to be a great leader?  Who had a significant influence in shaping you as a leader? Kids we know have a natural curiosity and they ask sooooooo many questions. Sometimes, that can be overwhelming (and even annoying) to parents. But questioning, we know, is central to effective leadership. What would you say to the parent who is overwhelmed by all the questions?  Leaders are excellent communicators. What are some ways parents can help their kids express and communicate ideas and emotions well? Who are some of the leaders that inspire you?  If you could give one piece of advice to parents who want to develop leadership skills in their children, what would it be?

EP 56: Tricia Goyer - Walk It Out

My guest for today's episode is Tricia Goyer. I first interviewed Tricia back in April (Episode 13), and I love that I get to circle back around with her to hear what's been going on in her world over the last few months.   Tricia is a busy homeschooling mom of ten, a grandmother to now four grandchildren, and wife to her husband John. Not sure how she manages to find the time, but this best-selling author writes both fictional and non-fiction titles offering encouragement and hope to readers around the world. Tricia is the author of more than sixty books, although I'm pretty sure it's more than that now. She calls Little Rock, Arkansas home and is the founder of Hope Pregnancy Center in Kalispell, MT.   Tricia and I got the chance to see each other a few months ago at MOMcon, MOPS International's annual conference, and it was awesome to be able to catch up with her. In today's episode, you'll hear all about what she's got going on in the homeschooling, adoption, and writing arenas. She shares some amazing stories here. Seriously, I cried during recording. It was that good.   Don't miss our latest episode, "Walk It Out."

EP 55: Demetria Stallings - Letters of the Heart

"Be still." My guest for today's episode is Demetria Stallings. I first met Demetria back in March when Brent and I went to Virginia to be interviewed for the 700 Club. We walked into the green room and there was this gorgeous light of a woman who immediately blew both of us away, a woman who radiated pure joy and genuine positivity. That's Demetria. Demetria is a speaker and worship leader whose love of people has taken her all over the world. Her fiery disposition is matched only by her generous spirit. As she sees it, everyone has a gift, and everyone belongs - that is what she practices, and that is what she preaches. Demetria has made her life about showing people God's redeeming love. She has helped to establish prophetic schools, assisted with healing ministry overseas and consistently works to pour into the lives of young women. In 2008, she joined the Christian Broadcasting Network as a regular worship leader and co-host for their show, The Spiritual Gifts Webcast, now called 700 Club Interactive. Now she's a producer for 700 Club and 700 Club Interactive. Learn more about Demetria in today's episode, "Letters of the Heart."

EP 54: Caroline Barnett - Daring To Dream

"It's okay to want to quit, as long as you don't quit."    My guest for today's episode is Pastor Caroline Barnett. Born in Sweden, Caroline Olsson came to the United States at the age of two and grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles. In 1996, she came to The Dream Center after hearing her family discuss the work going on there. After her visit, Caroline felt God calling her to volunteer at the Center. When she was just 18 years old, she and her best friend started the Food Truck Ministry which was a revolutionary concept at the time--taking food out to the people on a daily basis. It has since grown into a huge outreach that currently feeds over 50,000 people each month.    Caroline has an amazing heart for the lost. Programs such as the Family Floor, and Project Prevention, which is designed to keep children with their parents rather than allowing the state to separate them, and many more have all been birthed out of her desire to see no one ever be lost or any families torn apart. Caroline also leads the Center's Women's Ministry. She does so because she feels it is a God-given mandate to inspire the women of the church to find their God-given passion to change this world.    In 1999, Caroline married Dream Center Senior Pastor Matthew Barnett and in 2001, they became the senior pastors of the historic Angelus Temple, giving the Dream Center ministry a much-needed sanctuary. Together, the Angelus Temple and the Dream Center are reaching large numbers of people in Los Angeles and are truly effecting change in an impoverished area of a hurting city where many believe a large church could never exist at all.    Check out today's episode, "Daring to Dream," at www.HeroesForHer.com. 

EP 53: Chelsea Crockett - Your Own Beautiful

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" - Jeremiah 29:11 Our guest for today's episode is the young woman behind the wildly successful Youtube channel, BeautyLiciousInsider, Chelsea Crockett. Chelsea made her YouTube debut back in 2011 when she was only 13 years old. In just a few short years, she's become a positive role model for millions of kids and teens around the globe. Her channel features makeup tutorials, life advice videos, and everything in between, including messages about Chelsea's faith. Chelsea has appeared on TODAY and in Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Trend Magazine, among others, and her website, ChelseaCrockett.com, is home to thousands of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and advice posts. Chelsea's greatest passion is connecting with her fans and subscribers and using her voice to make a positive impact on viewers across the world. Today Chelsea talks about why she started making videos on YouTube and what sets her apart among the other beauty bloggers and vloggers out in the world. I love how Chelsea's online presence interweaves her faith and her passions! Don't miss today's episode, "Your Own Beautiful," and learn more about a young woman who's using influence to spread inspiration. 

EP 52: Kristen Ivy - Making The Most of Every Phase

"The decisions that you have in front of you are not about choosing what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes, it's about choosing what is good and what is best."    Kristen Ivy is the founder and director of the Phase Project, bringing together personal experience, academic research, and gatherings of leaders and educational experts from across the child development spectrum. ?She earned her Bachelors of Education from Baylor University in 2004 and a Master of Divinity from Mercer University in 2009. She worked in the public school system as a high school biology and English teacher, where she learned firsthand the importance of influencing the next generation. Kristen is also the executive director of messaging at Orange and has played an integral role in the development of the elementary, middle school, and high school curriculum and has shared her experiences at speaking events across the country. Check out Kristen's episode, "Making the Most of Every Phase," today! 

EP 51: Jenny Rapson - Mom Enough

"God made her and God is going to take care of her."   My guest for today's episode is Jenny Rapson. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jenny is the mom of two boys and a girl and a life-long Ohioan.  That means she's from Ohio. J   She loves Jesus, family, coupons, Veronica Mars, chewy sweet tarts, and writing her bio (A girl after my own heart!). She curates and edits the content of one of my favorite sites, ForEveryMom.com, a place where all moms can come for daily encouragement, laughs, and inspiration.   Jenny's heart for moms shines through during this episode as she shares about how she and her cousin Emily started Mommin' It Up, their first creative space on the internet. We talked about how Jenny made the Switch to For Every Mom and how the content has blessed her own mothering journey.   Don't miss this week's episode, "Mom Enough," and rest in the truth that even the whole motherhood thing is hard, God had it handled when He picked you for the job. 

EP 50: Courtney DeFeo - Riggins Forever

"You'll only pass this way once."   My guest today is Courtney DeFeo. Courtney is a popular blogger and the author of a book we LOVE so much, In This House, We Will Giggle. She's a graduate of Auburn University with a background in marketing and public relations. In 2011, she started her company, Lil Light O' Mine, and you can find her two products, ABC Scripture Cards and Conversation Cups, in stores all over the country. Courtney and her husband, Ron, are the parents of two young girls, Ella and Larson.    In today's episode, Courtney talks seasons: binge watching episodes of Friday Night Lights (Best show ever) and her early days in PR before passing the CIA-style interview process to become part of the Chik-fil-A marketing team (Chicken sandwiches!). The company was beyond supportive when she told them she was leaving to stay home and raise her kids. She continued consulting for Chik-fil-A and also launched her own company, Lil Light O' Mine, in 2011. She launched with two products and a blog and, as they say, the rest is history. Well, her story.  :) Don't miss today's episode, "Riggins Forever," and be encouraged that you can experience joy, no matter what season of life you find yourself in.

EP 49: Lynn Cowell - Brave Beauty

"To live life authentically, you don't have to share everything. Just live in a way that you are true to who you are and true to who God is in you."   My guest today is Lynn Cowell. Lynn is a national conference speaker who is passionate about helping women of all ages understand the importance of Christ confidence. She is the author of several books including her newest for girls ages 8 - 12, Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You and for women Make Your Move: Finding Unshakable Confidence Despite Your Fears and Failures. As a Proverbs 31 Ministries author and speaker, Lynn helps moms become wise women so they can raise wiser daughters.    In today's episode, Lynn discusses helpful tips and tools for helping girls navigate the current of culture regarding body image, physical attractiveness, and sexuality. When a girl feels like she can't meet the standards set by her peers, imagine how this affects her confidence. And if she's not confident, how will she ever find the boldness to do what God calls her to do in life? We all want to help our girls gain confidence and understand how their unique qualities can work for them and not against them.    Don't miss Episode 49, "Brave Beauty," and learn how God's words and your support can help your little belle become the brave and beautiful young woman God created her to be.  

EP 48: Jordan Lee - Of Souls and Sisterhood

"Take risks."  My guest today is Jordan Lee. Jordan blogs at Soulscripts and is the creator of The Sisterhood: the only exclusive, online community for SoulSisters who are looking to dig deeper into the Word and who want to learn more about Christian blogging and business. There you can find a ton of awesome resources including monthly Bible Study tutorials, lessons on Christian blogging/business, business tips, discounts on apparel, and tons more. Mainly, it's a chance to connect with sisters around the globe AND in your city to grow, wrestle and learn together how to shine a light in the world.  I loved that Jordan's list of favorite things is basically my list too: Jesus, sweatpants, flowy dresses (cuz it's like pajamas), popcorn, confetti cupcakes, rainbow sprinkles, and messy hair. I mean, seriously, I could not love those things more.  Don't miss today's episode, "Of Souls and Sisterhood" and hear more about how stepping out in faith gives God the chance to do what He does best. 

EP 47: Monica Zuniga - Hero, Unveiled

"Push through and persevere."    Today's guest is Monica Zuniga. Monica is the founder of We Are Unveiled, a ministry whose sole mission is to remove the veil for all women by creating a space for them to feel seen, known, and understood. They do this by capturing authentic stories of women all over the world and sharing them through a wide variety of outlets. Monica is a native of Dallas TX where she grew up with her mom, dad, older sister, and younger brother.    On today's episode, Monica shares how travel, work in the corporate world, and launching a non-profit changed her perspective and ignited in her a fire for full time ministry. In 2014 she started We Are Unveiled to give capture and share powerful stories, giving women a platform and a safe place for them to connect grow and be discipled.    Don't miss today's episode, "Hero, Unveiled", and hear the story of one young woman's journey to discover that God is able to work his biggest miracles through you when you step out in obedience.

EP 46: Teri Lynne - Praying for Girls

"As our kids get older, the stakes get higher."  Our guest today is Teri Lynne Underwood.  Teri Lynne leads Prayers for Girls, a popular online community for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and anyone else who wants to invest in praying for the girls in their lives. A writer, ministry speaker, and Bible study teacher, she is a frequent contributor to parenting blogs and is constantly on the hunt for ways to communicate truth with grace and, if possible, humor. Teri Lynne and her husband live in northern Alabama with their teenage daughter. ? In today's episode, Teri Lynne shares a little bit about the early days: what she initially set out to accomplish with Prayers for Girls and how it has grown to be a place where moms of daughters can go for encouragement and resources that will help them ask God for the things their girls need most. In her book, she outlines simple principles that moms can use to craft an approach to prayer that works, no matter if their girls are toddlers (like mine!) or teens.    Highlights include: .        Her identity?finding her security and strength in God's love and acceptance ? .        Her heart?pursuing a life of purity and devotion to the Lord ? .        Her mind?committing to growing in wisdom and discernment regardless of her ?circumstances ? .        Her relationships?developing skills and attitudes to foster healthy relationships with others ? .        Her purpose?trusting God with her life, gifts, and passions ?   Don't miss today's episode, "Praying for Girls," and find out how to start praying over your daughter with confidence and power.

EP 45: Van Moody - Intentional Parenting: The I Factor

"To thine own self be true."    You know I love a good Shakespeare reference! We switched things up a bit for today's show. Since we started the Heroes For Her podcast last year, we've had only two male guests: Joel Smallbone from for KING & Country and the amazing other half of the Bible Belles founder team, Brent Weidemann. Our #3 is Pastor Van Moody!   As a pastor, speaker, and leadership trainer, Van Moody's voice has been heard around the world at the 30th Anniversary of the March on Washington, with Pope John Paul II and his Pontifical Council in Rome, Italy,  and in Tokyo, Japan as an Associate Trainer for Dr. John Maxwell's leadership organization, EQUIP. Most recently, he became a member of Dr. Oz's Core Team and is featured on the Dr. Oz Show on ABC. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Dr. Ty, and their two children, Eden Sydney and Ethan Isaiah.    Van Moody has a passion for healthy transformation in individuals, organizations and the world. In today's episode, he breaks down The I Factor: the three dynamics that are essential to understanding ourselves and discovering what God has for all of us. He talks about how identity significance, and perspective are the keys to managing yourself - your whole life - well. We talked about how these ideas apply to parenting and helping our children live healthy, purpose-filled lives from the inside out.    Don't miss today's episode, "Intentional Parenting: The I Factor", and find out more about how to help our kids know who they are, see purpose and greatness in what they were created for, and view the problems they face as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

EP 44: Jenny Dean Schmidt - Mom in the Mess

"Life is messy." Our guest for today's podcast is Jenny Dean Schmidt. Jenny is a wife and mom and has served as Host of ChannelMom on Denver radio and national podcast for 6 years. She also serves as Executive Director of ChannelMom Media & Outreach. She met her husband Mike in nursery school and vowed she'd marry him one day. Jenny and Mike have two teen children, Otis and Georgia. Before ChannelMom, Jenny worked as a TV News reporter, writer and producer for both network TV and network affiliates. She covered high-profile news stories and even interviewed two presidents. Wow! On today's episode, Jenny shares how she started and built ChannelMom when she was at home full time with her kids. Since those early years, it has grown and expanded to support moms through media and on the ground through ChannelMom Outreach. Check out episode 44, "Mom in the Mess," and hear how one mom embraced the mess so she could reach moms by the masses.

EP 43: Sue Detweiler - Mountains Will Move

"Enjoy the journey." Our guest today is Sue Detweiler. Sue is a wife, mother of six, author, radio host, and pastor with over 25 years of experience in leadership, ministry, and education. She is also a?popular speaker who shares her heart and wisdom internationally on issues related to marriage, family, women, prayer, leadership, and ministry.  Sue and her husband Wayne live in Frisco, Texas and pastor Life Bridge Church. Sue's heart beats to encourage women. She knows so well that, amid our packed schedules and the curveballs life throws our way, our hearts long for more. We want to live and love well; we want to be a source of joy and life. During today's episode, Sue breaks down the good news: we can, and the secret is found in the simple act of prayer. Prayer was never meant to be a recitation of requests, but rather a drawing close to the heart of God. When we learn to exchange the obstacles of life for the promises of God, we will pray with passion and confidence rather than fear or insecurity. From this place of surrender and intimacy, we can truly discover what it means to become women who moves mountains -- women whose lives overflows with powerful prayers that transform not only ourselves, but the world around us.  Don't miss today's episode, "Mountains Will Move", and learn how you can turn obstacles into real opportunities for growth: to pray with confidence, boldness, and grace to become women who move mountains.
Our guest today is Melissa Hinnant, co-founder and president of Grace and Lace. Melissa lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Rick and their three children - Sienna, Jett, and Livia. In 2010, five months pregnant with a little girl, Melissa and Rick received devastating news that without surgical intervention, Melissa would give birth to their daughter within 24 hours and she would not survive.  Melissa was rushed into emergency surgery, and she spent the remainder of her pregnancy on strict horizontal bed rest. The days were long, she couldn't sit up, and she needed something to do with her hands. She began crocheting a tiny baby blanket, spurring in her a desire to sew, sew, sew! For two weeks Melissa lived in the hospital until doctors could no longer stop the labor. Her very tiny, but oh-so-perfect, baby girl was born. With lungs not yet developed enough to survive on her own, the Lord took her straight to Heaven. Though heart-wrenching and devastating, Melissa believes that out of this great tragedy has come her greatest victory.? Melissa's love for sewing and all things knit continued to grow. Late in the fall of 2011, she made her first pair of lacey leg warmers. Everywhere she went, people would stop and ask her where she got them. She put them up for sale online and in a matter of days was overwhelmed with orders she could not possibly fulfill on her own!  Now, just a few years later, Grace and Lace has become a full-blown women's apparel company with trademarked designs, a full studio and warehouse, and friends and family as staff. A portion of every sale goes toward building orphanages in India! Check out today's episode, "Grace, Lace, and Creative Space", and hear the story of an incredible mama who knows that beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.

EP 41: Chrys Howard - A Reality Check

"When you walk into a room, if you think everybody is looking at you, you're putting too much priority on yourself."   My guest today is Chrys Howard. She is a mother of three (including Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson) and has fourteen grandchildren. Over the years she has built a rich history of loving and serving her family, community, and beyond. She was a classroom teacher for 10 years before joining her family's publishing business (Just like me!).  Seriously, it's weird how many similarities there are between us. Since I began following her work and ministry projects, I've always felt a special connection to her because of her tender heart for children. She's been working at the same youth summer camp that her daddy founded for decades, and she's spent the last several years authoring and co-authoring books, devotionals, curriculum, and other resources for families to grow in faith together.   Check out today's episode, "A Reality Check", and hear more about an amazing woman who wears many hats and raises her family with courage and conviction.

EP 40: Becca Stevens - Love's Healing Power

"Life is a gift. Morality is gratitude." How we live our life shows how grateful we are for the gifts we've been given."   My guest for today's episode is Becca Stevens. Becca is many things: an Episcopal priest, author, speaker, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and President of Thistle Farms, the largest social enterprise in the US run by survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, on ABC World News, NPR, PBS and she was recently named a 2016 CNN Hero.   For 20 years, Thistle Farms' mission to heal, empower, and employ has led to profound change in the lives of women survivors, customers, and communities. We are celebrating that, last year, customers and donors helped make the following possible:   ·      59 WOMEN SURVIVORS EMPLOYED BY THISTLE FARMS, EARNED OVER $1M A YEAR IN SALARY AND WAGES ·      9,215 NIGHTS OF SAFE, SUPPORTIVE HOUSING PROVIDED TO WOMEN RECOVERING FROM LIFE ON THE STREETS ·      14,100 HOURS OF COUNSELING AND THERAPY FOR SURVIVORS, ENSURING THEIR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL-BEING  ·      40 ORGANIZATIONS ACROSS THE COUNTRY REPLICATED TF HOUSING MODEL, CURRENTLY OFFERING 185 BEDS FOR WOMEN SEEKING SANCTUARY FROM THE STREETS ·      24 SHARED TRADE PARTNERSHIPS AROUND THE GLOBE, SUPPORTING THE ECONOMIC FREEDOM OF MORE THAN 1,700 WOMEN   Check out today's episode, "Love's Healing Power", and hear first-hand how love is the most powerful force for change in the world. 

EP 39: Audrey Roloff - Better Than Average

"His past faithfulness demands our present trust."  My guest today is Audrey Roloff. In her own words, Audrey is a combination of raspy loudness, frizzy redness, running craziness, redeemed brokenness, persevering faithfulness, and striving to reflect more of Christlikeness. Her lifestyle blog, Auj Poj, is one of my favorites. It's a place where she writes about family, faith, and fashion, adventure, and so much more.   Together with her husband Jeremy, she co-founded Beating50Percent whose mission is to inspire marriages that are better than average and to encourage husbands and wives to give more than 50% to their spouse. And some big news: Auj and Jer just found out that they are having a little girl!   Highlights: Audrey and I talked about how Needtobreathe is one of the best bands ever, what it was like having her wedding filmed for television, and the inspiration behind her life mantra: "Always More".  Check out today's episode, "Better Than Average", and find out more about a woman who's out to inspire others to have a marriage and relationship with Jesus that beat the odds.

EP 38: Moriah Peters - Bravery and Bridges

"Our job is to build bridges with the people we meet. And, if Jesus so happens to walk across, great. Our job is to love people."   My guest for today's episode is Moriah Peters. An amazingly talented singer/ songwriter, Moriah is first a brave and loving young woman who is following God with all her heart.    Moriah grew up outside of Los Angeles in Chino, California - a place known mostly because it's home to a prison as well as lots of cows. In today's episode, Moriahshares how she discovered her love of music and that high school was one of the best times in her entire life. After a surprising American Idol audition, she ended up moving to Nashville at 17 to pursue a career in music. She fell in love with and married Joel Smallbone of the band For KING & Country in 2013 (If you haven't heard Joel's interview on our podcast, he's Episode 26!). One year later she released her sophomore album, "Brave". A few of Rooney's favorites from this album include "You Carry Me" and "Know Us By Our Love".      Check out today's episode, "Bravery and Bridges", and hear the story of an amazing young woman who's working to help the next generation rise up and let go of fear: a generation "whose time has come to break free of what prevents them from changing this world, a generation that has been called to be BRAVE!"   

EP 37: Heather Lindsey - Flipping Donkeys

My guest today is Heather Lindsey. Heather is a speaker, author, first lady of The Gathering Oasis Church and founder of Pinky Promise - a non-profit organization that encourages women to honor God with their life and body. You can find her amazing blog at heatherllindsey.com. There she encourages women to be bold in their faith, walk in their calling and cut off ungodly relationships. Her books, Pink Lips & Empty Hearts, Dusty Crowns, A Perfect Recipe, The Runaway Bride and The Purpose Room encourage women to say yes to God in a no society and to pursue Christ with their whole life. In this episode, Heather shares her personal testimony and the journey she's taken to grow closer to God. She talks about how the Pinky Promise Movement started when she had the idea to create a few simple bracelets that women could wear to remind them of their worth. Since then it has grown to more than 50,000 members in over 300 countries. The 2017 Heart to Heart Pinky Promise Conference is coming up in July, and this year's keynote speaker is former Heroes For Her guest, Lisa Bevere! Listen to today's episode, "Flipping Donkeys", and hear all about Heather discovered early her entrepreneurial spirit and how she's learned to focus on her Savior, not her own success.

EP 36: Amy Buckley - Keep Going

"Just keep going."    My guest today is Amy R. Buckley. Amy is a writer, speaker, and activist. She has contributed to several books including Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse, Churches and Their Leaders Look to the Future and Overcomer: Breaking Down the Walls of Shame and Rebuilding Your Soul. Most recently, she finished a chapter on biblical modesty for the forthcoming book Dating During the Apocalypse, and Other Conversations On God, Sex, and Life.  Amy founded the Stop the Silence Initiative as an editor for SheLoves.com, bringing to light domestic and sexual violence in Christian communities. She serves on the board of Life Together International, empowering church leaders to build strong communities in Uganda and the US. Amy lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two daughters. Do not miss today's episode, "Keep Going" and be encouraged to continue on, with fortitude and faith.   

EP 35: Rachel Joy - Drawing Near

"You are worth more than many sparrows."  -Matthew 10:31   My guest today is Rachel Joy. Rachel is a wife and mama to four beautiful children (Addison, Benjamin, Everett, and new baby Annie). Rachel has lead and taught Bible studies for over fifteen years, and it is her passion to see young women come to the powerful, saving grace and knowledge of Jesus. After hosting a college women's Bible study in 2010, God began to stir in Rachel a desire to gather young women together on a larger scale hear and study the Bible and to help them develop a fixed identity in Christ. She prayed through and developed the idea and, with the help of an amazing support team, the first Sparrow Conference was held in Denton, Texas in the fall of 2012.   In today's episode, you'll hear Rachel's heart and passion for the work she does, as well as all the details about this year's conference. The theme is "Draw Near" and the lineup of speakers is nothing short of spectacular.   Enjoy today's episode, "Drawing Near", and listen to the incredible story of a woman following her heart, listening for God, and stepping into a calling that is blessing people across the miles.

EP 34: Kari Kampakis - Liked vs. Loved

Kari is a blogger, author, speaker, and newspaper columnist from Birmingham, Alabama. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, TODAY Parents, and other national outlets. Kari's first book, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, has been used widely across the country by teen youth groups and small groups to empower girls through faith. Her new book is called Liked: Whose approval are you living for?   I first came across Kari's work when I read her 2014 Huffington Post blog "Raising a Kind Daughter".  Rooney was born that same year. I think it struck me because, well, I want deeply to raise a daughter who is secure enough in who she is that she treats others with love and respect. I pray for that.   Kari is a mom to four daughters, so she understands the need for clear expectations and a well-founded plan for social media. I absolutely loved our conversation because Kari broke down really simple ways that we can set our girls up for success on social media and not shy away from the conversations that need to be had and led by us. Highlights for me include how to keep posts and comments positive online and healthy ways to process negative emotions when our girls come across something online that makes them feel hurt, sad, or uncomfortable.     Check out today's episode "Liked vs. Loved" and learn how to help your girl understand that her value lies in her identity as a child of God. She is loved and that's worth so much more than being liked.  

EP 33: Alli Worthington - A Clean Break From Busy

"Live the life you were created to live." My guest today is Alli Worthington. Alli Worthington is the author of Breaking Busy: Finding Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy, speaker, and the Executive Director of Propel Women.    Alli lives with her husband Mark and their five sons (Wow!) right outside of Nashville. In this episode, we talked country living, what it's like for her being the only girl in the house,  and how writing is a whole lot less glamorous than people think. I loved hearing about why Alli felt called into the work she does and how she relies on friends who tell her the truth when she needs to adjust things on her end. Don't we all need that?   Check out today' episode, "A Clean Break From Busy," and learn how to stop chasing what leaves you empty and start doing what you were created to do.  

EP32: Jenni Catron - Lead With Love

  "If you want to lead people, you've got learn how to love them."   My guest today is Jenni Catron. Jenni is a writer, speaker, and leadership expert committed to helping others lead from their extraordinary best.  Her passion is to lead well and to inspire, equip and encourage others to do the same. She speaks at conferences and churches nationwide, seeking to help others develop their leadership gifts and lead confidently in the different spheres of influence God has granted them.   Founder and CEO of The 4Sight Group, Jenni is the author of several books including Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence and The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership. She's also spent the last few months traveling around as part of Propel Women's battery of powerhouse speakers!    Check out today's episode, "Lead With Love", and hear what Jenni has to say about the incredible opportunity we have as parents to lead in our homes and be the ones to grow and develop the next generation of leaders who love.  

EP 31: Patti Garibay - A Light In The Dark

"Why curse the darkness when you can light a candle?" My guest for today's episode is the founder and Executive Director of the American Heritage Girls, Patti Garibay. American Heritage Girls (AHG) is the national character development program for girls ages 5-18 whose mission is to "build women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country". What an honor and joy it is for me to know this incredibly kind and compassionate leader whose heart beats so strongly for the next generation of girls.   During her time as a stay at home mom, Patti served as a Girl Scout volunteer for over twelve years as both a recruiter and troop leader. She was inspired by a few changes made to the Girl Scouts, as well as her father's encouraging attitude, and she founded the faith-based, inter-denominational alternative to the Girl Scouts, the American Heritage Girls, in 1995.   Check out today's episode, "A Light In The Dark", and hear how Patti stepped out in faith and answered God's call to give girls the opportunity and motivation to become all God created them to be.

EP 30: Tiffany Thurston - In Full Bloom

Born and raised in Hawaii, my guest today is Tiffany Thurston. Tiffany has been leading worship for the past 18 years. Right out of high school she began serving on the worship team at her local church before joining the staff as both Vocal + Creative Director. In 2007, she moved into full-time touring ministry as the worship leader for the Revolve Tour, Women of Faith's national teen girl conference.     That same year she began singing as the sole background singer to Christian recording artist, Natalie Grant.    In 2012, she moved back to Hawaii after getting married and started her own conference for teen girls and college ladies in 2013 called the BLOOM Conference, whose mission is to encourage, inspire, equip, and empower the next generation of world changers to "BLOOM where they are planted and become all that God created them to be."     Check out today's episode, "In Full Bloom", and hear this soon-to-be mama's heart for building up and resourcing tomorrow's leaders in truth, love, and purpose.

EP 29: Tasha Layton - The Presence of Joy

Lovely and talented, my guest for today's episode is Tasha Layton. I can still remember watching Tasha's audition for American Idol, well before I ever met her. There was something special about her. Her smile, her bubbly demeanor, the way she bounced around as she talked to the judges, the soul and fervor behind her powerful voice. It was the joy. Tasha is a pastor, worship leader, and professional singer who moved to Nashville from Los Angeles after 10 years of working simultaneously within the church and music industry. She has been a voice for various productions such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cirque de Soleil, and toured as a backing vocalist for Katy Perry for over 4 years. When she's not teaching voice and theology at Trivecca University, she's coaching others or recording her new album with her husband, fellow musician Keith Smith. Check out today's episode, "The Presence of Joy" and listen as Tasha shares how she found and grew her love of music, ministry, and more, and that "sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to live in the presence of joy." 

EP 28: Stacey Thacker - An Amazing Invitation

I, for one, am a frequent over-user of the word "amazing". In my world, everything is amazing: whether it's Rooney staying in her bed all night without coming to wake me up or the grilled fish tacos we had last night for dinner. According to me, there's a lot of amazing stuff going on. A lot of the time, however, my mood, my attitude, and my ability to be my best self could not be described using that word. Motherhood can be daunting, draining, and debilitating. If we're not careful, it can feel a whole lot less than amazing.    My guest for today's episode is Stacey Thacker. Stacey is a wife to Mike and the mother of four vibrant girls. She is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Mothers of Daughters, one of my favorite blogs. Her new book is called Fresh Out of Amazing, and in it she breaks down how to deal when you're feeling busy and burdened: overwhelmed, frazzled, and everything in between.      Check out today's episode, "An Amazing Invitation", and be encouraged as Stacey shares what inspired her to write this new book and how we've all been invited into a life that is nothing short of...my favorite word: amazing (There it is again!).

EP 27: Sissy Goff - Bringing Up Belles

If I'm being honest, a lot of the time raising a girl can seem like a blessing and a curse. That's why I am thankful for people like Sissy Goff.     Sissy has over twenty years of experience counseling kids and families. She has worked as the Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee since 1993. She spends most of her days talking with girls and their families, with the help of her counseling assistant/pet therapist, Lucy the Havanese.  She's written seven books, 1 DVD curriculum, and is working currently on her newest book releasing in 2017.   Check out today's episode, "Bringing Up Belles", and listen as Sissy breaks down answers to questions like "How do you establish and maintain a rapport of trust and open communication with your daughter?" and  "What do you do when she inevitably starts to pull away?" This is one episode that you will not want to miss!

EP 26: Joel Smallbone - Priceless

Episode 26 - Priceless Guest: Joel Smallbone   The song goes like this:    Mirror mirror, mirror on the wall Tellin' those lies, pointing out your flaws That isn't who you are That isn't who you are Those of you who have listened for a while, you know that I don't usually host guys on this podcast. But for our two most recent episodes, my guests have been of the male persuasion. We (Jess and I) celebrated Bible Belles' 1st birthday and our 25th episode with my fantastic and wonderful other half Brent. This week, my guest is the other half of another amazing duo: two-time Grammy winning band for KING & COUNTRY and star of the movie "Priceless" which releases in theatres TODAY: Joel Smallbone.    It might be hard to hear, but let me tell you dear If you could see what I can see, I know you would believe That isn't who you are There's more to who you are So when it's late, you're wide awake Too much to take Don't you dare forget that in the pain You can be brave, hear me say   First, let's just tackle the song. for KING & COUNTRY's "Priceless" single is one of the best songs out right now that speaks to the true value of a woman. I literally cannot sing the lyrics to Rooney without crying. Seriously. It is so moving and relates so beautifully the truth that our worth is without measure. As women, we're all just grown up girls who have struggled with this. A lot of us are still struggling to know and live into our own value, and those of us with daughters want something drastically different for them. I see you dressed in white Every wrong made right I see a rose in bloom At the sight of you (oh so priceless) Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable Darling, it's beautiful I see it all in you (oh so priceless)   Inspired by true events, PRICELESS is a powerful drama/thriller about James Stevens who at one time was a good man with a great life -- but then things drastically changed. After the tragic death of his wife and losing custody of his little girl, James found himself at the darkest crossroad of his life. Angry, desperate, and unable to hold down a steady job, he agreed to drive a box truck on a one-time trip cross country for cash -- no questions asked. Then he discovered what he was delivering, and he was faced with a life-changing choice. No spoilers! Go see the movie.   No matter what you've heard, this is what your worth More than all the money or the diamonds and pearls Oh this is who you are Yeah this is who you are   I said it to Joel during the interview, and I'll say it again here. It is awesome to hear a guy talk about women the way Joel does. As he put it so beautifully, "Part of the DNA of for KING & COUNTRY is this idea of respect and honor in relationships and women being priceless. "What we've found in our beliefs as men is that people are made equal. The film continues the idea that no one is a commodity and everyone deserves to be loved and loved well." Sisters, we can start again Give honor till the end Love, we can start again Brothers, we can start again Give honor till the end Yeah, we can start again PRICELESS opens in theatres this weekend. Go see this movie and be encouraged by someone willing to take a stand against forces in this world that stand between women and the life that God designed for them.   Links for Today's Show   PRICELESS Official Movie   for KING & COUNTRY website   "Priceless" song (Audio)      

EP 25: Happy Birthday, Bible Belles!

Happy birthday to us . . . Bible Belles is turning ONE! Brent, Rooney, and I have been celebrating all week in Hawaii! We started this company one year ago, and today marks the 25th episode of our Heroes For Her podcast! For this special occasion, we're doing things a little bit differently. Today's guests are the other humans that make up Team Bible Belles: Brent Weidemann (our first male guest!) and our content manager Jess Delgado. Note: Jess' first appearance on the podcast was in Episode 1 - if you haven't listened to that one yet, be sure you do!  In this episode, you'll hear stories from the past year and how we went from an idea on the way home from church to being months away from releasing our third book! We've had lots of challenges and awesome milestones along the way, and I loved getting a chance to sit down with my people and talk through this incredible year and all that God has done.  Don't miss this week's episode, "Happy Birthday, Bible Belles!", and feel free to run around cheering and throwing confetti in the air. That's what we're doing!

EP 24: Katelyn Beaty - A Woman's Work

My guest for episode 24 is Katelyn Beaty. Katelyn is the managing editor of Christianity Today magazine, where she co-founded the blog Her.meneutics with Sarah Pulliam Bailey. Her first book, A Woman's Place: A Christian Vision for Your Calling in the Office, the Home, and the World (Howard), was published in July 2016.   The youngest and first female editor of Christianity Today, Katelyn talks in this episode about the topic of women and work and making space for ambition inside multiple locations. No matter if you're back in the workforce while raising you're kids or you've given up life in the office for a stay-at-home-mom gig, it's sad that a certain level of shame exists in both places. "A Woman's Place" dispels all notions of the "less than" mentality and calls for true celebration and support of a woman's desire to work, both in society and in the church.   Listen to this week's episode, "A Woman's Work," and be inspired by a caring and driven young woman who's using her gifts and talents in ways that will truly impact the next generation of future women leaders who live and work. 

EP 23: Lisa Bevere - From Rivalry to Revolution

My guest for episode 23 is Lisa Bevere. She rocks. Lisa is an international speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of Messenger International. She is a powerful advocate for women everywhere to "break free of comparison and competition, embrace God's purpose, and realize a life without rival." Chills! I could not love this woman more.   In this episode, you'll hear Lisa's heart for the struggles that we face as women: comparison, confusion, and everything in between. She also digs deeper into how God does not love us equally: He loves us uniquely. There are so many truths revealed in this episode that I've already used, both in conversations with Rooney and with myself (Yes, I talk to myself. Judge away).  You'll also hear what inspired her new book, "Without Rival," which just released on August 16! This is the book every woman needs to read. Find it here on Amazon! 

EP 22: Mandy Arioto - Starlight and Sister Courage

Drum roll please... My guest for episode 22 is MOPS President and CEO Mandy Arioto! Mandy represents "the mothering voice" of MOPS, an international organization with over 100,000 members. If you are a mom with young kids (birth to kindergarten) and you aren't plugged into MOPS, stop what you're doing and get involved! Being a part of a safe community of other moms has saved me during my time as a new mama, and I know it will bless you!   In this episode, you'll hear about how Mandy was first introduced to MOPS (as a new mom who was in need of support), just like so many of us. A few years later, she and her husband Joe decided to move with their kids to Colorado so Mandy could work directly for the organization that was there for her in those early years of motherhood.  You'll also hear what inspired this year's MOPS theme, "We Are the Starry Eyed" and get all the details about Mandy's new book, "Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood." It is set to release on August 30, so get over to Amazon and order it now!   We all want our kids to feel loved and supported, and that starts with us. We have to set the example ourselves. As moms, we need encouragement and the reminder that we are chosen. We are loved. We are not alone. Even when it feels like there is darkness all around us, we can search for and find the light. Together. And when we need courage, or strength, we know that "we can take our sisters with us."   Don't miss this week's episode, "Starlight and Sister Courage."

EP 21: Kara Kae James - Called to Thrive, Not Survive

My guest for episode 21 is Kara Kae James. "A complete mess covered in grace", KK is a wife to Brook and mama to three girls and one newly adopted and adorable baby boy. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Thrive Moms, an online ministry that provides daily encouragement and resources for moms everywhere.  Thrive Moms has been a life-changing resource for me as I've spent the last two years learning about what it means to be a mom. Like so many moms out there, I spent the early months in survival mode. I thought that if I could just get through each day, then that was enough. But being a mom is so much more than just trying to make it through the day or complaining about how hard it is.  Listen to today's episode, "Called to Thrive, Not Survive", and be encouraged that being a mom is not about surviving. It's about stepping boldly into what we've all been called to do. It's about celebrating and owning this glorious adventure.

EP 20: Elise Boggs - Character and Excellence

Why is leadership so important, and how do we inspire it in ourselves and our kids? My guest for episode 20 is Elise Boggs. Elise is a leadership expert whose passion in life is "equipping the next generation of marketplace leaders to change the world". For the past several years, she has been a professor in southern California-based universities, teaching leadership theory and a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate courses. As a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, her expertise lies in problem solving and other leadership-related challenges. Check out today's episode: "Character and Excellence" and listen as Elise breaks down some practical tools for parents who want to help their kids build real values like self-acceptance, kindness, and the confidence to be who God created them to be.

EP 19: Tammy Trent - Hope At The Water's Edge

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose. In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 18: Laura Seibert - His Purpose Is Our Pursuit

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose. In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 17: Jamie Ivey - The Fun Stuff

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose. In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 16: Kelli Gillespie - The Heart of Hollywood

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose. In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 15: Annie Downs - Never Too Late For Lovely

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose. In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 14: Amy Parker - The Write Stuff

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose. In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 13: Tricia Goyer - The Rest is His Story

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! Founder and CEO of Bible Belles, it is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.    In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.     Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the Bible Belles, the heroic women of the Word. 

EP 12: Ann White - Fear Lost, Courage Found

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! Founder and CEO of Bible Belles, it is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.    In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.     Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the Bible Belles, the heroic women of the Word. 

EP 11: Plumb - Grace In, Love Out

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! Founder and CEO of Bible Belles, it is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.    In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.     Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the Bible Belles, the heroic women of the Word. 

EP 10: Crystal Stine - The Magic of the Mess

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.   In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 9: Tenley Molzahn - Sweet and Free to be Me

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.   In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.
Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.   In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 7: Katherine Wolf - How Hope Makes Us Whole

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.   In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 6: Mara Fortin - Not Exactly A Cake Walk

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.   In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 5: Kim Dolan Leto - Working Out Your Worth

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.    In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible

EP 4: Gwen Smith - Of All The Girls, I'd Pick You

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.   In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.
Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.   In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise.   Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.  

Ep 2: JJ and Dave Heller - The Value of Vulnerability

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose. In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.

EP 1: Jessica Delgado - Real Beauty, Real Banter

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.  In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.  

EP 00: Erin Weidemann - The Why, The How, and The Who

Erin Weidemann is here to put the "her" in hero! It is her passion to help parents raise confident, capable daughters who are excited to live out their purpose.  In today's world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Join us as we inspire you each week by interviewing real women, positive role models who are making a different kind of noise. Erin is the author of "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz" a series for girls to help them discover what it means to be truly beautiful through the female heroes of the Bible.