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Heroes For Her

Inspiring, encouraging; a spring of wisdom!

WOW. I know this podcast is aimed at moms, but I got a LOT out of it. So much wisdom, so many great examples of how we can be faithful in our gifts and in our callings. It's seriously like the pat on the back you need to keep going.Im so encouraged! I'm happy to see that there seems to be a lot of parallels between my story and theirs, and I love this idea of telling the stories of "real heroes", because honestly, I'm so sick of hearing stories of famous people just because they're famous. I want to hear about women who are WORTH hearing about, and that's what this podcast is. It's the stories of women worth hearing about.Bravo, Bible Belles. Thanks for inviting me to the table.

Inspiring Stuff!

It's nice to hear women of faith discuss issues impacting young women today. It's important for young women to have positive role models. What a great inspiration Lauren Scruggs is! She is a very open and honest young lady and I enjoyed so much listening to her. Your connection to God was so refreshing. Erin, you did such a wonderful job leading the conversation.

Fun & Uplifting

Love how encouraged and energized I feel when I hear from other amazing women who are relatable and inspiring.

Women Heroes!!

What an awesome message. Inspiring girls to be who God has called them to be. All of the guests featured are living out their purpose to build the kingdom and it's so encouraging. Thank you for your heart of service and sharing your amazing gifts. Love to listen!!

Great for moms and their daughters

Erin is smart and her genuineness shines through in every interview.

Always a meaningful and powerful listen !

This podcast is absolutely worth listening to. The content is real, inspiring and I always walk away with something new. Whether it be knowledge I can apply in my life or something thought provoking that causes need to change the way I think. I so appreciate the time spent and all the amazing woman and men who contribute to the content. After every session I always feel a little bit lighter.

Real, Authentic Conversations about Women and Leadership

Erin unpacks everything from being a woman in a leadership role, how to mother well amidst struggles, she gives practical tools for life, leadership and loving others well, as well as covers deep topics that matter most to women. She cares about equipping women of today to raise powerful Godly women for tomorrow so we can see the world change for the better.

So inspiring!

The women Erin interviews on this show have found so many ways to navigate significant life challenges and to live "in this world without being of this world." Tuning in to "Heroes for Her" is like sitting down with some girlfriends for some much needed mid-week encouragement. Can't wait for more episodes!

Encouraging! Nothing Else Like It

Wow if you are a parent of daughters, you need to listen to this! This is such a tool for helping raise this next generation of girls. Great job :)

Critical for leading young women

As someone who worked with youth girls before having triplet girls of my own, it has been such a blessing for me to have this resource in my life throughout. I'm so thankful for biblically grounded encouragement and wisdom for an area of leadership that is so difficult and critical. Today's world feeds so many lies and the Lord will work through us as we seek him to lead and mold our girls. Thank you Erin!!!

Heroes For Her

Most women struggle with things like insecurity, comparison, or trying to measure up to the world's impossible standard of beauty. They've questioned their ability to live well, lead effectively, and own their influence to positively impact the next generation of confident, compassionate and capable women.   

Women need a place to gather, and grow, so they can guide the girls they love to know their value, live on purpose, and make the unique difference in the world they were born to make. 

Welcome to the Heroes For Her podcast with Erin Weidemann

In this podcast, Erin tackles the issues that matter most to women: the mothers and mentors of the next generation. From overcoming fear to walking in purpose to shifting the focus of feminine value from beauty to inherent worth, Erin gets real about the reality of female life and leadership. 

Join Erin as she inspires you each week by sharing personal stories as well as interviewing real women; positive role models whose lives and leadership are making a difference.