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Illuminated Soul with Craig West
Illuminated Soul with Craig West

Illuminated Soul with Craig West

Bite sized teaching, encouragement, and practical tools that help you respond to the negative thoughts, emotions, and occasional darkness life circumstances can sometimes bring. Together we're partnering with the Holy Spirit to live life with excellence of Soul!

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Break Free from Unconscious Slavery


We become slaves to what we obey. Often times we are unaware of this. Let's become aware and avoid unnecessary emotional angst.

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3 Powerful Ways to View Thanksgiving & Gratitude


Thanksgiving and gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions. Listen to Craig share 3 powerful ways to view these incredible virtues.

The Unexamined Life and the Harm it Does


An invitation of how to avoid the fundamental harm we inflict upon ourselves due to living an unexamined life. 

Our Great Capacity For Self-Deception


Let's realize and admit our capacity for self-deception. It's a helpful step towards emotional health and well-being.

Let Nothing Disturb You

A short, centering prayer we can practice to calm our nerves.