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In Pursuit with Mike Weaver

Big Daddy Weave

I met Mike at a concert in North Carolina. He's is so genuine. He's right there with you and is not full of himself at all. He loves Jesus and has such a gentle heart.

Much needed

I really enjoy this. I think they're getting better for my soul each week!Thank you, Mike.

Big Heart for God

Mike is amazing. He's got some great stories that will inspire and encourage you in your walk. Tune in and be blessed by where God leads him to go with this.

Honest, inspiring, powerful

Genuine and curious, Mike Weaver is a great interviewer: he lets his guests speak without interrupting them, he asks thoughtful questions, and he points people to Christ without being pushy or overbearing. It is a joy to listen to and to pray along with.Thank you and may God richly bless this endeavor.

Inspiring, heartfelt, and encouraging!

I appreciate these heart to heart talks. Learning more about each person and there stories. It's encouraging and heartfelt. Thank you for taking time to share.

A class act guy!

Thank you Mike for all the love you have shared for others and your ministry!&? for your journey across this country that oh so needs revival!


Every episode is the powerful evidence of God at work. Every week I'm challenged and convicted to trust God more, to live Him more completely.But the episodes with Danny Holmes has wrecked me.Thank you Mike.

Filled up with God's Goodness

I have enjoyed this podcast but the episode with Danny Holmes was one of the most inspirational things I have ever listened to. He really is one of the most Christlike individuals that I have ever had the privilege of listening to. I have been so filled up with God's goodness since listening to it yesterday and have shared it with so many friends and family members. Thank you Mike for sharing his story and for all the powerful stories you share.

Thank you Mike

Thank you Mike for your pursuit. I've got a great story that fits your pursuit perfectly. It involves mentoring teen students on their journey with getting closer to Jesus.My name is Mark Hikes. Please feel free to call me 717-439-8575


I absolutely LIVE every episode and eagerly wait for more ! These shows are soul touching and life changing ! Keep up the good work Big daddy !

In Pursuit with Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver is traveling the country in an RV in pursuit of inspirational stories, as Mike says, "for people who realize we are not perfect but are in pursuit of the One who is - Jesus! We believe He has redeemed us and in this podcast are exploring topics concerning what that looks like for our daily lives as believers."

Mike Weaver is the voice of Big Daddy Weave, one of Christian music's most beloved artists. The band's numerous number one radio singles are the favorites of many, including "Love Come to Life," "Redeemed," "The Only Name (Yours Will Be)," "Overwhelmed," "My Story" "The Lion and the Lamb," "Alive" and "I Know."

As much as Big Daddy Weave is known for their music and ministry, they may be known even more for their fervor to seek the Lord. In that spirit, Mike had the desire to talk with others about how they engage in this journey, leading to the launch of this podcast "In Pursuit".