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Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology

Glad you're re-Lisa-ing this podcast

Looking forward to taking many walks with you Lisa as you share His good news of "on earth as it is in Heaven". Excited about this promise-filled-porch-pickin' podcast. I wouldn't "missy" it for the world. Hear ya on Monday!

Ripped Hearts and Raised Hands

Five minutes into this episode, I had to share this podcast with a friend. By the time I finished listening to it, I'm glad I didn't wait. Thank you Lisa! .... Katie L

Love it!!

I look forward to listening to this every Monday morning on my way to work. Best way to start the week! Please keep these podcasts coming!! God bless you in sharing your knowledge and love for Jesus.

Love this podcast....but one picky word of advice...Listen

This podcast is so amazing and these women know their stuff! I have learned a lot and I look forward to it each week.So....this next comment is me being picky, so please forgive me. When someone is speaking please let them speak without interruption. It's distracting. Listen to the episode on Mark 9 if you don't know what I mean. Thank you!

Wow! So good!

So many mind blown moments already! So good! Thank you and keep it coming! P.S. Love Dr. Howard! Thank you for inviting him to your podcast!

Mrs. Lisa Harper

Great women of God, I love your podcast! You are great! And in Spanish you are " la mejor maestra"


Lisa Harper is an amazing woman and I enjoy her podcast. I love how she breaks it down for all of us so we can relate.Thanks Lisa for sharing your knowledge and time with us.

Encouraging and uplifting!

Every Monday I look forward to hearing this podcast! It gets me started in the right direction for my week. I share it weekly with my 2 sisters and best friend. Thank you Lisa!

Mornings with you are my favorite

A friend suggested this to me! And I absolutely love to get up in the mornings drink my coffee and listen to you! I get super excited on Mondays when a new release comes out!!!! I recommend this podcast to anyone and EVERYONE!

Can't Wait!

I am thrilled that Ms Harper is starting a podcast!!

Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology

Back Porch Theology sponsored in part by Dwell Bible App. Save 30% off Dwell for Life at DwellApp.io/LisaHarper.

You're invited to hang out on Lisa Harper's back porch and enjoy conversations about all things Jesus, theological anthropology, biblical orthodoxy, Spanx, the merits of Tex-Mex and more!

We believe this podcast will help you dive deeper into God's word, understand that the gospel is great news for everyday life, not just when viewed in the light of eternity, and that God is for us, that He's always been in the process of redeeming our inherent value as imago Dei and restoring us into a vibrant, intimate relationship with Him.

And rest assured, this won't be a one-sided conversation because throughout the podcast, Lisa will be inviting friends, including some brilliant theologians and academics to join her in substantive but decidedly unstuffy segments. So come on, y'all grab some coffee or sweet tea and join us on the back porch!