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Livin' La Vida Gokey

Can't stay on track

If they could follow the same train of thought for more than a minute it would be better. Some great truth nuggets sprinkled in, but I won't be listening again because of the interrupting one another, disrespectful interactions, and inability to stay on topic. Too hard to follow. Disappointing because I love their love for Jesus and scripture. Love their hearts to draw others to Jesus.

If you're Latino, ya know!

I absolutely love this Podcast. Being Puerto Rican how married a white girl (who is my best friend)I can relate already. Thank you Gockey's for sharing your walk with us. May God use this as a tool to help others and bring some love and laughter along the way! God's blessings to you and your beautiful familia! Dios Bendiga! C. Gonzalez

Episode 5

Absolutely loved it! I was in the club too Leyicet and when I gave my life to Christ at 21, I was also blessed w a church and community that did not judge me, did not tell me to stop but allowed the Holy Spirit to lead me. Now I'm 42 and have walked w the Lord ever since! No looking back. Great disciples!

I love it already!

I know it's just the first podcast but I enjoy hearing you guys. The first time I heard Danny's music was in a Casting Crowns concert in Orlando. Ever since that day you have been a huge part of my playlist. Your music is a blessing. You guys have such a beautiful family. Gif Bless You All! I'm looking forward to the next one!

My Highlight of the Week!

I love this podcast. I love the banter back and forth between Danny and Leyicet. I love Leyicet's laugh and yes I am with you. I only listen to the music not the words. What a fun podcast!


Love this podcast. Glad to hear how honest and transparent these two are. They are so funny and I feel like I'm getting to know them here.

So good!!!!

This is ALREADY my favorite!!!!!


Enjoyed the content but really could Have done without allll the interrupting of each other. I don't think either one of them got a full statement out of their mouths. I am giving it the benefit of the doubt that it was the first podcast.

Great info Rude Wife

Absolutely love the information and the all the things learning. Down side: Leyicet literally makes me cringe to think she talks like that to her husband. I feel so bad for him the whole time. She is hilarious and funny but wish Danny wouldn't be the butt of her jokes...I'm sure he wishes he wasn't too.

Supper fun podcast

Just getting started and really enjoy the Gokies (my bad in the spelling). I am also married to an incredibly wonderful Latina. I Can totally relate to many of the stories. Everyone should listen to the fun!

Livin' La Vida Gokey

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