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Think Eternity with Matt Brown

Inspiring and So Impactful

In a frenetic time in life such as this, Matt's words are so needed. I'm grateful for his heart and wisdom! Love this podcast!

Great Ministry!

Matt Brown and the ministry of Think Eternity are some of the most generous people out there. I've been to many of their events and gatherings and experience true generosity from this team first hand. Thankful for this podcast - yet another great resource given to people freely! Go Matt and go team!

Great guests. Great questions. Great content.

I love this podcast! Matt does a phenomenal job asking the right questions leading to some incredible content that makes you feel like you're simply sitting in the living room with these great leaders. Matt doesn't interrupt his guests (huge pet peeve in other podcasts) but allows them to share their hearts in complete thoughts as we all take it in and listen. Matt's a wonderful conversationalist and a genuine learner/listener. It's apparent in this podcast and you will greatly benefit from listening just as I have. Click subscribe! You won't regret it.

Inspiring and life-giving!

Concise and creative, Matt Brown does an amazing job of directing the conversation of his podcasts to highlight new insights and inspiring discoveries that leave the listener more in-tune with what God is speaking over their life.


So much truth, wisdom, and relatability within this!! Highly recommend!

Amazing and inspiring faith content for every day!

Personally for someone like me, who has natural proclivity to be cynical and skeptical - Matt brown's podcast is a breath of fresh air and ignites a passion for God and the gospel that I desperately need each week. I am so grateful for Matt and his ministry; my life is marked by a greater sense of grace, generosity and redemption as result.

Fresh insights from relevant practitioners.

I always enjoy the clarity of the conversation and the insights gained from listening to Matt's podcast. Keep these great conversations coming!


Matt Brown is one of the greatest men of God I know! This podcast is a must listen and will help direct you in the right direction in your faith walk. Love it!


As a young pastor these conversations are so uplifting and inspiring!


Anytime I get a chance to listen to Matt, I feel inspired. He makes me want to live and act better as well as he wants me to succeed.

Think Eternity with Matt Brown

We know most people are overwhelmed by the cares and pressures of life. Each week on "Think Eternity with Matt Brown" we help you live with fulfillment, focus, passion and purpose.