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BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone

New favorite podcast!

I am in awe in every episode. Jesus is already doing big things through Moriah, Joel and Carrie. I wish they came out with a new episode everyday. Favorite podcast on the market!!

Thank you

Thank you for being honest and sharing what God is doing and has done in your life. I have been married 45 years and it's never too late to learn something.


Can't wait.

This is wonderful and such a blessing!

Thank you both so very much and bless you ?I listened to all 3 and totally related to looking at my husband for love and acceptance instead of my Heavenly Father and before him I did with others.I relate to the dark place and feeling lonely asking Jesus please help me. Opposite of what you prayed for. But still the same darkness and loneliness but I too had a toxic relationship with my parents unfortunately still do.I agree Moriah about just needing my husband to hug me and snuggle with me just to feel each other's comfort bond and human touch.And unfortunately I tend to respond to fear as Joel does but my husband is opposite like you Moriah.Opposites attract but compliment each other thru God and both of Faith.*****Update wow episode 4 REALLY associate with and in that season now.Congratulations on your new podcast it's very genuine and inspiring and emotional but so encouraging and so helpful. Jen PS Please keep this going please so very very raw and not dramatic but reality!"Amen"

Love it!!

I love you guys! And the idea of the podcast! First full podcast im listening to !

What an amazing 1st episode!

Great job guys! God is using you to make such a positive impact in people's lives! <3 Thank you for sharing your story!

Love this godly couple!

I am so excited and looking forward to gleaming from their wisdom and insight. They are true role models for this generation!! May this podcast blessing countless and spark revival across the world!! - Vini Samuel


and important - our world needs this


It's a very good podcast I am a very big fan of fk&c and I relate a lot with you Mariah I don't have a very good relationship with my parents and me being 17 it's been a good eye opener on what not to do thanks can't wait for season 2!!!!

Ep5: Married

Thank you Joel for the shout out to MN! I was part of the security at Sonshine, specifically at the autograph tableI look back at that moment so fondly! I wasn't sure why Moriah had the bandaid on her chin, but now I get itboth of you were so sweet and so apologetic about Luke not being there. But it was wonderful to see the love you both share with each other; just the way you looked at each other was amazing!Great podcast I absolutely love it!

BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone

In just 6 episodes of BECOMING:us, you'll witness authentic conversations between two artists and their mentor. Moriah and Joel Smallbone dig deep into their story for truths that have guided them through their career, marriage and creative endeavors...each episode landing on a powerful and practical tool interpreted by friend, guide and spiritual contemplative, Kerry Hasenbalg. You can expect vulnerability, honesty and humor in this cinematic podcast which speaks to the uniquely challenging, triumphant and (at times) preposterous moments of life. Uncover useful insight on what love really looks like in sickness and in health; in the good times and the uncertain. Click "subscribe" and use #Becomingus on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join the online communal conversation around what it means to become all that God intended us to be.