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Brian Hardin - Why Forgiveness? A Biblical Perspective

9/27/2021 00:32:44
Brian Hardin - Why Forgiveness? A Biblical Perspective
In general, we all know that the Bible talks a lot about forgiveness and our need to forgive. As Solo Parent Christians who have been hurt, this can be easier said than done.

Is there more to the idea of forgiveness than just doing it because God says we should? Is it possible that there is a foundational mystery to the practice of forgiveness that unlocks our own potential, not only as Christians but also as individuals? 

Many know Brian Hardin as the vision and voice of the Daily Audio Bible, with over 20 million downloads a year. He is an ordained minister, an accomplished record producer with more than 100 albums to his credit, a best-selling author - including his latest project, The OneYear Adventure With The God Of Your Story. 

Not everyone knows that Brian himself spent time as a Solo dad raising his kids on his own. In today's episode, Brian walks us through Why Forgiveness? A Biblical Perspective.

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