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The Writing Room with Bob Goff and Kimberly Stuart

Dominic Done

12/7/2022 00:29:41
Dominic Done
Dominic Done is founder of Pursuing Faith and author of When Faith Fails. With a master's in theology from the University of Oxford, he has

served as a pastor in Portland, Oregon; North Carolina; and Hawaii.Dominic has also taught English for companies in Europe, lectured in

theology and history at various Christian colleges, worked as a radio DJ, and lived as a missionary in Vanuatu and Mexico. He and his wife, Elyssa, have a daughter, Amelia, and a fuzzy Goldendoodle, Bella.

The Writing Room with Bob Goff and Kimberly Stuart

Authors Bob Goff and Kimberly Stuart have helped hundreds of writers push their words from the crazy-dream stage to holding books with actual bar codes. After a bunch of years in publishing and bunch of books launched, Bob and Kim have found that, like most things, writing works best when tackled with good friends. The Writing Room is a place where authors talk shop, stoke their curiosity, and get the nudge we all need to finish our work. 



Fun and really inspiring show! Now if I could get going on my book!

Wow! Great insights!

This is great! I'm in the process of writing my first novel with 63,000 words and am getting so much insight into how I need to finish it. Thank you so much for doing this and keep it up!