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Dr. Chris Winter - Sleep Problems and Kids

10/4/2021 00:39:55
Sleep disorders in kids are on the rise. Experts say sleeplessness is a hidden health crisis for kids and teens. Neurologist and sleep expert Dr. Chris Winter is here to share from his book, The Rested Child. If you're wondering how to get your child to sleep longer (and get to bed earlier), this is your episode. Finally you'll understand the root of your child's sleep problems and what you can do about it...starting tonight.

The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane VIDEO

This show is for women and men who want a happier home life. Arlene will help you bridge the gap between your ideal family and the real thing. You don't have to come from a happy home to create one.

Your host Arlene Pellicane is a speaker and author of several books including 31 Days to a Happy Husband and Parents Rising. She and her husband James have been married more than 21 years and have three children.

Inside this podcast, you'll meet some of the kindest and smartest experts when it comes to marriage and parenting. Get ready for fun and practical conversations that will change your thinking, give you hope, and spark positive change.