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Ashley and Dino Petrone - Designed to Last

5/16/2022 00:31:59
Over a half a million readers have joined the journey of Instagram sensations Ashley and Dino Petrone (@ArrowsandBow). They share the adventures, mishaps, and joys of marriage and parenting through the lens of interior design. In their debut book, Designed to Last, you'll hear about their experience living in a 800 square foot trailer with their family of five. In today's fun interview, you'll hear: 

2:30 How they rushed into marriage - thanks to their moms 

4:00 Ashley: "I had no idea I married a gamer." 

5:50 What if dad is playing video games with the kids and mom is concerned about it? 

8:10 Wives, instead of nagging, do this...

11:55 How did you go from obsession to moderation when it comes to video games? 

14:35 Why did you move your family of five into an RV?  

16:30 Was it hard to sell all your things?  

17:50 How did your kids like living in the RV? What did they think about having just a few things each? 

19:00 After moving out of the RV, how did you keep the same close family vibe going?  

21:00 Why the Instagram name Arrows and Bow?  

22:00 Advice for the aspiring mom entrepreneur 

25:00 How do you complement each other in business and in life? 

25:50 Social media as a business, but not as something we want our kids on 

28:40 Our rhythms to keep social media in check 

Ashley and Dino Petrone have been married since 2006 and make their home in Florida with their four kids (baby added since the RV!). Ashley began her popular Instagram account @ArrowsandBow as a way to document her home-design journey. Dino is a senior engineer and Ashley is a full-time mom, blogger, and interior designer. Visit them online and check out their book Designed to Last at arrowsandbow.com.

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I Surrender - Hannah's Prayer for Moms

5/2/2022 00:36:39
Moms can have lots of questions for God. Why are my kids facing certain challenges? What college should my child attend? How do I get my child to stop talking back?  

When we can bring our honest requests to God and surrender outcomes to Him - there is freedom and an open invitation for God to do His best work. In this special message in preparation for Mother's Day, Arlene looks at the life of Hannah in the Old Testament. What can we learn from her prayer of surrender? Arlene will talk about: 

2:00 When your child says, "Make me!" 

7:00 Living in a time of moral decay 

9:40 Showdown: Hannah versus Penninah 

11:45 Moms should neither boast too much about their kids nor belittle them 

15:00 When you feel like you're not enough 

20:00 Hannah prays a prayer that changes everything 

23:00 When you weep before God, He will comfort you 

24:00 Did you know there's a physical difference between the tears you cry when chopping onions and the tears you cry when you are sad? 

25:00 How to rejoice even before your prayer is answered

32:00 Trusting God while you are waiting for God to fulfill His promises to your family

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Tricia Goyer - Happy Heart for Moms

4/25/2022 00:29:43
Overworked mom of ten Tricia Goyer thought she had to have it all together. Yet during a season of messiness, failure and chaos, Tricia felt God speaking overwhelming love in her life. In the search for being "heart happy" (living with joy and peace), Tricia found that intentional habits and time invested with God brought the renewal she craved. In this conversation about Tricia's new book, Heart Happy: Staying Centered in God's Love During Chaotic Circumstances, you'll learn:

3:30 What does it mean to have a happy heart? 

4:20 Tricia's background starting out as a single mom, getting married, having 10 kids, foster care...

6:50 Don't interrupt mama when she's having her Jesus time (cause she needs that Jesus time!!!)

8:00 How to spend time with God when you're raising young kids and life is crazy 

12:45 You don't have to have the right response exactly when something happens. You can wait and respond later. 

13:45 Taking time for soul care - a few ideas to nourish and reset 

17:00 There's nothing you can do to make God love you more (getting out of performance mode) 

19:50 Cooking for a BIG family and how to use the time in the kitchen creatively 

21:00 Reconciling the hurts of the past with a happy heart - dealing with father wounds 

26:30 Specific advice for single moms 

Tricia Goyer is a busy mom of ten, grandmother of many, and wife to John. A USA-Today bestselling author, she has published 75 books. Learn more about her newest book, Heart Happy .

Shaunti Feldhahn - Thriving in Love and Money

4/18/2022 00:35:35
When you argue about money with your spouse, do you need a therapist or financial planner? Researcher and author Shaunti Feldhahn and her husband Jeff spent three years on a national research project on love and money. They found that conflict about money usually isn't about money at all. In this conversation with Shaunti about her book, Thriving in Love & Money, you'll find out: 

3:30 Why most couples can't talk about money

5:30 What to do when you're not on the same page about money 

6:30 If you are having tension around money, it's probably not about the money. It's about how money makes you feel. 

9:20 What if one spouse is a saver and one is a spender? 

13:00 Talking through regrets over past purchases 

18:20 What if I want to be the boss over how my income is used (let's do what I want to do!)? 

22:50 How to start having conversations about money when you want to talk but your spouse doesn't

24:20 Shaunti's funny money confession! 

30:00 Gut level fears being triggered by money - what's the difference between men and women? 

Shaunti (and her husband Jeff) Feldhahn are bestselling authors, renowed social researchers, and popular speakers. Both with professional degrees from Harvard (where they met), their books have sold 3 million copies in 25 languages. Learn more about Shaunti at her website https://shaunti.com/

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Natasha Crain - Faithfully Different

4/11/2022 00:39:06
Ever feel like you are in the minority as a Christian? As mainstream culture grows more hostile towards faith, the Bible, and followers of Christ, how can you prepare your kids to live differently than their friends? Mom and author Natasha Crain is here to help us stand strong in our biblical beliefs and behave "Faithfully Different," the title of her latest book. It's estimated that fewer than 10 percent of Americans have a biblical worldview. In this conversation, you'll learn: 

3:00 What does "worldview" mean and is it even applicable to kids? 

5:50 How to start talking about creation and God with your young kids 

7:00 Your child can't see God, so how do you answer questions about His existence? 

8:50 If you are a Bible believing Christian, you are now in the minority in America 

12:45 How can you recognize progressive Christianity? 

16:50 What are negative, subtle influences you must be aware of as a parent? 

18:10 What happens to a society when feelings become the ultimate guide? 

22:00 Here's how to engage in the culture with courage and joy, not fear 

28:00 This is how you prepare your kids to stand in faith when they are in the minority 

31:00 How to respond when your teens say, "Oh, you're old, you don't get the culture" 

Natasha Crain is a speaker, author, podcaster and homeschooling mom of three. She is passionate about helping Christians think more clearly about holding to a biblical worldview in the midst of a secular society. Natasha holds an MBA in Marketing and Statistics from UCLA, a BA in Economics from USC, and a certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Learn more about her new book, Faithfully Different.  

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