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Drew Hill - Helping Teens Walk with Jesus

10/31/2022 00:34:46
Is your teenager hearing from Jesus? When our kids encounter Jesus for themselves, everything changes. Drew Hill has worked with teens for more than 20 years and shares how parents can invite teens to (literally) walk with Jesus. In today's conversation, you'll learn about:

2:30 Meeting Jesus as a teenager

4:00 This Christian camp experience changed my life

6:00 Go on a walk - why is this transformational?

7:30 About the documentary Godspeed: The Pace of Being Known

9:10 What if our teens aren't interested in spiritual things - how can we help them get more interested?

12:00 What is the biggest change you've seen in youth ministry since smartphones?

14:10 We imagine things all the time

16:50 When should my kid get a phone?

19:45 I know I'm a phone addict...

24:00 Personal life lessons from Dr. Gary Chapman

28:00 Who is Crash the Rhino?

Drew Hill is an award winning author and speaker. He serves as the head of school for the Covenant School in Greensboro, NC. He also works in the leadership of Young Life. He and his wife Natalie have five kids.

Learn more about Drew and his book, Alongside Jesus: Devotions for Teenagers

Watch the documentary Drew talked about: Godspeed, The Pace of Being Known

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