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Hey It's The Luskos

Ep 108: Thriving In The Early Days of Marriage with Madison and Grant Troutt

1/25/2023 00:59:21
Ep 108: Thriving In The Early Days of Marriage with Madison and Grant Troutt
Sit down for a conversation with Madison and Grant Troutt for a conversation on surviving and thriving in the early days of marriage. We're talking about their stories, their love story, and the power of beginning marriage with a foundation built on Christ. 

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Hey It's The Luskos

Sit down with pastors and authors Levi and Jennie Lusko for an unfiltered look at the madness of the Lusko's life, marriage, ministry, faith, grief, and growth that goes on behind the scenes. (It may or may not include: product reviews, coffee recommendations, Disney hacks and all the things that make life wonderful). Hosted by Pastors of Fresh Life Church, and authors of best selling book Through The Eyes of a Lion, I Declare War, Swipe Right and The Fight to Flourish.



Such great conversation! love the practical questions about what daily life looks life for people. Levi and Jennie are great hosts - funny & ask great questions! Favorite episode so far is with Katherine and Jay Wolf. Wow. That episode rocked and moved me. Adding on to my review cause I can't get enough of the Lusko's: Jennie - every time I listen to your sweet self on this podcast you make me want to be a better wife and mom, you are so gentle and the best encourager to others! Levi - it's clear you are brilliant but are so incredibly humble about it, I love how you don't rush conversation and your genuine curious in others

Blessed over and over

I started listening to this podcast about a month ago, and I listen to several episodes a week- getting caught up. I am so blessed every time. I laugh, I cry, I lift my hands in praise at the goodness of God. Please don't stop! God is using this platform for SO MUCH GOOD!! Also, have Chip back on! His story is amazing! It should really be a movie or book. I was so blessed by him!