Hey! It's The Luskos


Great listen

So grateful for resources like this. Real people pointing us to truth, listen every week and would mugs an episode!

Happy and Helpful!

This podcast is amazing! The Lusko's are very down to earth and relatable, but their profound knowledge on topics like Faith, Family, Fun, Adventure, Tragedy, Romance, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Health, Development, etc*really make this podcast a standout experience. Put this on your list and you will not be disappointed!*cold plunges, humor, food, joy, nature, space, legos, disney, coffee, books, honor, peace, courage, public, speaking, traveling, building, apple trees, discipline, faith (again), history, presidents, panama canal, brooklyn bridge, railroads, the actual the moon, spacex, physics, metaphysics, decor, tenderness, commitment, fashion, gadgets, electronics, communication, drive, grit, grace, light, faith (again again), determination, investing, money management, friendship

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