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Thought Revolution with Lance Hahn

Thought Revolution with Lance Hahn

Are you frustrated with the polarization of our nation and both extreme sides ignoring truth just so they don't have to cross an aisle? Welcome to Thought Revolution where we seek Wisdom while standing in the Radical Middle. Every Thursday Lance Hahn will challenge traditional assumptions and give you a fresh perspective through a Biblical worldview lens, with humor, authenticity and intelligent conversation.

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Ep. 26: 8 Christian Leadership Revelations


We are all leaders. Have you found leadership to be a lonely and discouraging place? In this episode Lance Hahn lays out eight insights that he has learned through the decades about Christian leadership. He talks about what really matters, what doesn't, and how to keep your heart healthy along the way. Every Thursday, 'Thought Revolution' drops a new episode, so you are going to want to subscribe so you don't miss out!

Previous Episodes

Ep. 28: Season 1 Celebration and Recap


Are you enjoying Thought Revolution? What have you learned this season? In this episode Lance Hahn takes a journey back through the different episodes and truths that he has laid out during this first season. He will both celebrate what God has done and is doing through this podcast, as well as cast a vision and give you a sneak peek of what's to come in 2021 with the launch of Season 2. 

Ep. 27: Why Hasn't God Healed Me


Have you prayed and prayed to be healed but heaven seems silent? In this episode Lance Hahn walks through the dynamics of miracles and healing from a Biblical perspective and lays out a revolutionary new way of thinking about the whole process. He explains how Jesus and the Apostles healed and addresses the questions of whether or not supernatural miracles and gifts are for today. New shows drop every Thursday. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Ep 25: The Secret to Being Content

Is it possible to be content in real life? In this episode Lance Hahn reveals the Biblical secret to being content. Yes, for real. He reveals a recipe with elements like identity, worldview, perpetual gratitude and more that stir into a world changing concoction. Every Thursday a new episode of 'Thought Revolution' drops, so subscribe now so you never miss it!

Ep 24: The Waste Factor

Have you been trained to focus only on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses in order to be more effective? In this episode Lance Hahn talks about the modern craving for efficiency at any cost. He asks the question whether or not we are losing our souls in the process. Is life about maximizing, bigger, better, effectiveness and strategy or is there room for mystery, humility and God to be the star? Every Thursday a new episode of 'Thought Revolution' drops, subscribe now so you never miss one!