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Thought Revolution with Lance Hahn
Thought Revolution with Lance Hahn

Thought Revolution with Lance Hahn

Are you frustrated with the polarization of our nation and both extreme sides ignoring truth just so they don't have to cross an aisle? Welcome to Thought Revolution where we seek Wisdom while standing in the Radical Middle. Every Thursday Lance Hahn will challenge traditional assumptions and give you a fresh perspective through a Biblical worldview lens, with humor, authenticity and intelligent conversation.

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Ep 3: The Radical Middle of Loving Black and Blue


Are you frustrated by the constant pressure to falsely choose a side between Law Enforcement and the African American Community? Agreed! In this episode, Lance Hahn talks about the situation that erupted from the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer and what the underlying rage is about. It's time to stop letting people pressure us to decide between loving one OR the other. Jesus Christ has commanded us to bring change while loving both. This is a conversation about understanding systemic racism, protests, riots, Black Lives Matter, as well as the sacrificial risks that police officers face every day.

CLICK HERE to see The Radical Middle of Loving Black and Blue! 

Previous Episodes

Ep: 2 When God Makes Bad Things Good

Are you feeling crushed by the trials of this world or the regret in your heart? In this episode, Lance Hahn fills us with encouragement through reminding us of who God really is and what He can do with terrible situations. God is brilliant at redeeming tragedy, releasing suffering and making gold out of garbage.

Ep 1: A Coming Revolution

Do you think the Church today should have more impact? Agreed! In this episode, Lance Hahn talks about the 10 principles of the Thought Revolution, he is leading. It's time for the Church to be authentic, unselfish, loving, passionate and less judgmental. You are only going to do that by being transformed by Christ and His identity He gave you, leaning into the Wisdom of the Radical Middle and releasing notions of empty religion.

Ep 0: Introduction to Thought Revolution

Are you exhausted by the incessant pandering of extreme views and complete ignoring of wisdom? Lance Hahn is bringing a revolution through reason, rejection of pat answers, and blowing up traditional paradigms. Every Thursday starting May 21, Thought Revolution will challenge you to think differently, reassess assumptions, look at all the sides, and find Truth in the midst of chaos through a Biblical lens.