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Ep 25: Bouncing Back From Failure

9/14/2021 00:17:47
In this episode, Natalie & Charlotte talk about bouncing back from failure. How do you bounce back when you've messed up? How do you not get stuck in the rut of failure? Scripture is filled with stories of people who God restored after they experienced a failure... David, Moses, Peter, and the prodigal son are just a few examples. Join the conversation as Natalie & Charlotte give practical steps if you find yourself in this place .. it's a place we have all been at one time or another! If you enjoy this episode, make sure to hit subscribe so you never miss a new release!  

Dare To Be VIDEO

Dare To Be was birthed out of an authentic friendship between Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill. They both share a fervent passion to see women supporting one another and daring to believe that they are capable of reaching their full potential in Christ. In this raw and honest podcast, Natalie and Charlotte discuss a wide range of issues. Each conversation is rooted in scripture and biblical examples of how to move past strongholds and struggles that many are facing.