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Dare To Be VIDEO
Dare To Be VIDEO

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Ep 21: Let's Talk About Marriage!

On this episode, we're talking all things marriage! But if you're single ... don't tune out! We are talking about things for you too :)

Dare To Be VIDEO

Dare To Be was birthed out of an authentic friendship between Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill. They both share a fervent passion to see women supporting one another and daring to believe that they are capable of reaching their full potential in Christ. In this raw and honest podcast, Natalie and Charlotte discuss a wide range of issues. Each conversation is rooted in scripture and biblical examples of how to move past strongholds and struggles that many are facing.

Previous Episodes

Ep 20: Cultivating Health In Every Area of Your Life

On today's episode, Natalie and Charlotte talk about how to truly be healthy in every area of life. Spiritual health is often linked to other areas of health including the mind, body and soul. Listen in on this important conversation about how to stay healthy from the inside out.

Ep 19 : Developing A Teachable Spirit

On today's episode, we ask the question: How teachable are you? Some of us love to learn, but others of us have a hard time taking constructive criticism. Listen in on this important conversation about how having a teachable spirit is critical for growth in the life of every believer.

Ep 18: The Company You Keep

In this episode, Natalie & Charlotte talk how we are influenced in ways that we can see, but also in ways that we can't see, by the people that we spend the most time with. Join the conversation on the importance of choosing a Godly inner circle and intentional community.

Ep 17: When Life Is Just Unfair

When we live our lives having an expectation of "fairness," we are consistently set up to feel disappointed. This year in particular has brought a lot of "unfair" life scenarios but Natalie & Charlotte talk about how we can move forward by adjusting the lens that we view our situations through.