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Why or Why Not with the Watsons

Ep 26 - Why NFL Training Camp was a blessing and a curse

8/8/2022 00:32:53
Ep 26 - Why NFL Training Camp was a blessing and a curse
What season or experience has grown you in ways you never thought were possible? In this episode of 'Why or Why Not with the Watsons', Benjamin and Kirsten talk about the 16 seasons of NFL Training Camp that they experienced. They both reflect on their memories of this season in their lives, talking about how much they grew individually and as a family through the blessings and curses each year brought. 

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Why or Why Not with the Watsons

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From the outside it may look like we get along "all the time". Let us be the first to tell you that is not the case. Meet "Why" aka Benjamin and "Why Not" aka Kirsten as we discuss topics ranging from keeping the spark in your love story, to how to talk to your kids about race. Tune in to hear how we approached the crazy life of the NFL and mindfully apply biblical truth to our daily lives with our family. You will laugh and you may cry, but in the end our hope is that our different approaches to situations bless you and your family.


Great couple to listen to!

I am really enjoying listening to Benjamin and Kirsten. I first heard them a few months ago as guests on another podcast and LOVED their interview, personalities, faith, and message. So of course, I sought out their podcast and I've listened ever since! They honest about marriage, parenthood, navigating culture, and their Christian faith. Bonus, they're hilarious!! They are a joy to listen to. I hope their family continues to thrive and persevere (whatever the season calls for) and be rooted in Christ. Love it!! I wish I could be friends with them in person! Haha

Marriage Positive

I started listening to the Watson's at the beginning of the year, I like that they are open and talk about how their marriage has changed over the years and how they navigate being a Christian family in today's world. My husband and I have regular discussions on what was said on the podcasts, I feel it helps us to talk more and encourages our decisions in marriage and raising kids.