Why or Why Not with the Watsons


Great Show

Hey Mr. & Mrs. Watson!I love your dynamic and the depth of your experience as a couple. Mr. Watson I got an idea for you expanding to new friendships after listening to your most recent episode: how about taking a bible school or seminary class? I've found some great friends in a Christian workout group because it's a different from my career. And I noticed after these workouts I am having very warm feelings toward my wife. Maybe something like that at a good Christian school would put you in exactly the kind of crowd you and your wife are looking for.I love you both.In Christ,Matthew

Great couple to listen to!

I am really enjoying listening to Benjamin and Kirsten. I first heard them a few months ago as guests on another podcast and LOVED their interview, personalities, faith, and message. So of course, I sought out their podcast and I've listened ever since! They honest about marriage, parenthood, navigating culture, and their Christian faith. Bonus, they're hilarious!! They are a joy to listen to. I hope their family continues to thrive and persevere (whatever the season calls for) and be rooted in Christ. Love it!! I wish I could be friends with them in person! Haha

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