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Out of the Dark with Mandisa & Laura Williams

Ep 27 - Covid 2.0

3/23/2022 00:20:24
Ep 27 - Covid 2.0
Aren't we done yet? At year 2, most people are worn out and weary. Isolation has taken a toll on most of the population, especially our young ones. Anxiety and depression are at an all time high and suicide rates have skyrocketed. What are ways we can all help reduce some of these horrific outcomes?

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Out of the Dark with Mandisa & Laura Williams

Out of the Dark is a podcast about mental health in the body of Christ. As followers of Jesus, people are sometimes led to believe that if we struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, identity, or the many other areas of our mental health that we are less of a Christian or are just not praying enough. As members of the body of Christ, Mandisa and Laura will tackle the idea that, while Jesus IS enough, a relationship with a counselor can help heal wounds that will enhance your relationship with Jesus. They will cover specific topics related to mental health and offer resources to listeners to enhance your journey of personal growth. We can't do it alone; we need to step out of the dark of shame and guilt and into the light of recovery and redemption.

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About Mandisa

With more than 1.6 million records sold, GRAMMY® winner and American Idol Season 5 finalist Mandisa is a voice of encouragement and truth to people facing life's challenges all around the world. In less than a year, Mandisa performed her three RIAA Certified Gold hit singles "Overcomer," "Good Morning (feat. TobyMac)" and "Stronger" on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA). "Stronger" became an anthem, creating opportunities such as welcoming the emotional return of beloved morning host Robin Roberts and an invitation to perform the national anthem during a Sunday night NFL Network game to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Her 2013 GRAMMY® award-winning album Overcomer debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Albums Chart. The album's title track proved to be a smash at radio and earned the GRAMMY® for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song. Mandisa, also a 2-time K-LOVE Fan Awards co-host, debuted her latest chart-topping album Out Of The Dark alongside sharing the moving story of her fight with depression for the very first time on GMA as well.

About Laura

Laura Williams is the owner/founder of Be Found Counseling in Brentwood, Tennessee. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in developmental and relational trauma and is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Laura counsels women and works from a Christian perspective. She uses her extensive training as well as wisdom from her own counseling journey in her work with clients. She is married (21 years) and has three boys ages 17, 15, and 11. For more information about Laura or to connect with her, please visit her website at www.befoundcounseling.com or follow on Instagram @befoundcounseling. 


Thank you very much!

I am so grateful for this wonderful podcast! I struggle with depression and severe anxiety and just the sound of your calm and happy voices stabilizes me and helps me make the daily effort to be at least potentially productive;) Whenever I listen I'm always fully engaged, interested, and exited to be learning so much in such a pleasant way. My only complaint is that there aren't more...yet. I hope you'll pick it up again sometime-whenever you get the time....I've listened to each episode once, some of them twice, and I'll have to start on a third round soon. They only get better with age so I'm not worried, I just hope there'll be more to look forward to in the future someday. I think it's too important an endeavor to discontinue now. May God bless and reward you both for all the good you've done by taking the time to share the knowledge, empathy and experience He gave you. "Grant, Lord, for Thy Name's sake, to reward with eternal life all those who do us good. Amen."

A helpful relief!

I really like this podcast and look forward to having it resume. It helps me understand myself and others better and is a jewel in the land of a subject matter that often lacks God'sperspective and truth. Such a relief!